What Cheer Flower Farm


Here is some more information on the festival: https://www.whatcheerfarm.org/festival


The Art Show at the Flower Festival

The Show will feature art made at the Farm and inspired by the Farm by dozens of local artists including:

Priscilla Weidlen

Rebecca Jenness

Mara Trachtenburg

Jenny Brown

Thea Ernest

Erica Nichols

Nancy Hart

Plus, it will feature art from nonprofit arts programs conducted at the Farm this summer including:

The Groden Center’s Cove Center outsider art program

Riverzedge youth arts program

The Farm’s own painting, drawing & photography classes in the fields

In case of seriously inclement weather, the Show will relocate across the street to Fete Music Hall.

About The Flower Festival

The Flower Festival is an annual fundraiser for What Cheer Flower Farm, a 501c3 charity. We are anticipating 300+ attendees. The Festival will be held outside on the grounds of the Farm and features:

- an aerial installation by Janice Lee Kelly of FLOAT Installations

- an exhibit by noted flower photographer Ellen Hoverkamp, co-author of two illustrated garden books

- live music by local bands including Su Casa

- food by local chefs

- floral installations by 7 top RI florists and farmers including Flowers by Semia

- an 18’-long floral wall constructed by the Steelyard featuring our own flowers

About What Cheer Flower Farm

Founded in 2017 by three local women, the Farm is a 501c3 charity which, with help from RI DEM, is remediating 2.7 acres of abandoned factory land in Olneyville. We are located between the former Boys Club building and Fete Music Hall. We are only 2 miles from PVD City Hall.

The Farm grows 30,000 flowers per year and donates them all to local hospices, shelters, recovery centers and senior centers. It grows over 300 varieties of flowers all organically, with help from three farm staff and 100+ local volunteers and youth workers. It also offers beekeeping workshops in season and runs a free Art in the Fields program.

The GNP Experience at the Festival’s Art Show

All GNP attendees will be given a special wristlet to get into the Festival for free (value $20 per attendee).

The trolleys will roll up to the official Festival entry at 48 Plainfield Street, which is the parking lot of the Family Dollar which will be decorated by the aerial art installation.

Attendees will walk through a short tunnel, decorated by sparkling lights, then through a dahlia path and out into the Farm itself. At their right, they will see our flower fields up on a slight hill. Depending on the time they arrive, there may be dancers performing in the field. Next, they’ll proceed past an 18’-wide floral wall where a photographer will be taking attendee photos. Immediately after that, they will come to the 20x30 Art Show Tent where they can view the actual show.

If attendees would like, they can also then stroll through the rest of the Festival exhibits including the seven floral displays, a beekeeping display.

Some may wish to spend more than 20 minutes there. There are several options:

- Another trolley will arrive an hour later to shuttle attendees back to the Regency (must have special wristband)

- Take Uber or Lyft

- Walk (the festival is close to the West Side)

Note: Casual dress. On-street parking. In case of rain, go across the street to Fete Music Hall (same time & day)

46 Atwood St, Providence, RI 02909

(401) 830-0454


One Time Stop - September

The Farm is a 501c3 charity giving away 100% of our bouquets to 15+ local nonprofits.  (Sorry, you can't buy flowers from us.)  Our 2019 distribution partners include:


Hospitals, Hospices & Health

Senior Services

Social Services

Want flowers for your charity? Click for free flower info.

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