URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

About the gallery

The gallery presents a diverse spectrum of visual and performing arts as part of the university’s Urban Arts and Culture Program. The programs explore and raise public awareness about topical issues in the urban community setting, and also celebrate cultural diversity in order to promote understanding.

Through the work of professional artists from community, around the country and the world in themed exhibits exploring such issues as Domestic Violence, Hunger, Homelessness, Breast Cancer Awareness, Human Rights, Civil Rights Globalization, Genetic Testing HIV/AIDS and the Holocaust. The program also presents work by various racial, ethnic and representative populations including Black Community in Rhode Island, Italians in Rhode Island, Indigenous Women, Africa, South East Asia, China Then and Now, My Puerto Rico, Windows To The Sol (Latin American), Bolivia, Vietnam Veterans, Master Strokes (Older Americans), to promote understanding and appreciation of difference through the arts.

The URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery provides opportunities to focus on the value of Art Education in the public schools with The Gift of Art To The State of Rhode Island and also in the three state colleges/universities. The work includes extensive collaboration and outreach to the community and with schools and social service organizations around the region. All exhibits and events are free and open to the public.

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery
80 Washington Street
(1st and 2nd floor lobby galleries)
Providence, RI 02903
Mon-Thurs 9am-9pm
Fri-Sat 9am-4pm
Closed Sunday and Holidays

Gallery Director : Steven Pennell

Wheelchair accessible


URI Feinstein Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program Presents;

THE STATE OF THE ARTS: URI, RIC, CCRI - Faculty Student, Alumni and Retired Faculty Exhibit  

June 3-27, 2019 with a Gallery Night Reception June 20, 5-9pm 

The annual mixed media 2d and 3d exhibition highlights the fine arts education at all three state schools, the accomplishments of the students, inspiration of the dedicated faculty and the successful career achievements of the alumni and retired faculty.  The exhibit includes more than 200 works by more than 100 artists.

The artists include: Jane Adler, Nina Ackmann, Nadine Almada, Gabriel Alvarez, Mary Jane Andreozzi, Eric J. Auger, Craig Bachman, Melanie Brunelle, Mike Bryce, Jennifer Gilooly Cahoon, Mary Campbell, Michael Carlin Mariela Calabro, Tony Carniero, Alison Carrier, Mary Casale, Angel Cajigas-Arbelo, Emiel Castillo, Victoria Dalpe, Leigh Davis, Joanne Delomba, David DeMelim, John DeMelim, Tamara Diaz, Raphael Diaz, Melanie Ducharme, Joel Dunn, Lilian R. Engel, Rachel Featherston, Lili Feinstein, Adam Ferbert, Joanne Ficorelli, Susan Fossati, Susan Garland, Erik Giorgi, John C Gonzalez, Melissa Guillet, Sean Harrington, Mark Hartshorn, Alan Hawkridge, Patricia Hawkridge, Jill Ann Heffernan, Graham Heffernan, Kathy Horridge Kenney, David T. Howard, Harold InDelicato, Ian Jacob, Bina Jackson, Annie Kennedy, Mary Kudlak, Sandra Lee, Charles Laflamme, Michael Lapointe, Minh Le, Nixon Leger, Brianna Lemos, Eric Lutes, Betsey MacDonald, Abigael McGuire, Angelo Marinosci, Jr., William Martin, Pamela Messore, Sheyna Medina, Ian Mohon, Tom Marino, Lucille Mota Costa, Dale Noelte, Brian O’Malley, Adolfo Peralta, Lynn Parente Petronio, Philip Palombo, Jose Ramirez, Lisa Marie Ricci, Rob Russo, Dianne Reilly, Gary Richman, Jacob Richman, Melissa Rivers Hyde, Dave Robinson, Elvis Rodriguez, Lisa Russell, Nicolle St.Cyr, Bijan Shadravan, Jade Sisti, David Shapiro-Zysk, Zoey Stites, Janice Lee Strain, Julie Summersquash, Jacqueline Sylvia, Carol Tack, Christopher Thomas, Anthony Tomaselli, Frank V. Toti, Jr, Kyong Tuchapsky, Roberta Uhlmann, Clare Vadeboncoeur, Gayle White, Cindy Wilson, Stephen Wood, Jane Yacavone, Amanda Zelazo, Ronald Zincone