30 Years of Women's History Exhibit (March 1–31, 2017)

URI Providence Campus Urban Arts and Culture Program

30 Years Of WOMEN'S HISTORY Exhibit March 1-31
with a Gallery Night Reception March 16 5-9pm 

The exhibit features the work of more than 30 notable area artists in all media.  Many of these are truly masters in their media.  The master artists are exhibited along with some significant up and coming artists.  The common thread of the exhibit is that this group of fine artists who happen to be women.  More than focusing on Feminism(s) or what is the ‘femaleness’ of their work, the art speaks for itself and the masterful execution is inspiring. The intention is neither to break genre stereotypes nor is the work confined to those ‘precious crafts’ women were once relegated to work in.  

Among the artists exhibited are Janet Austin, Norma Anderson, Marjorie Ball, Jillian Barber, Alice Benvie Gebhart, Alexandra Broches, Jennifer Cahoon, Priscilla Cane, Tamara Diaz, Jane Dillon, Melanie Ducharme, Betsy Florin, Susan Fossati, Margaret Hart, Karen Jerzyk, Monique Rolle Johnson, Annie Kennedy, Lilya Kries, Nermin Kura, Gail Whitsitt Lynch, Madolin Maxey, Paula Martiesian, Tracy Montgomery, Barbara Pagh, Robin Halpren-Ruder, Barbara Rosenbaum, Carol Rodi, Carol Scavotto, Monica Shinn, Jade Sisti, Kathleen Sonier, Simone Spruce Torres, Kristin Street, Jacqueline Sylvia, Robyn Thomas, Jessica Thurber, Judy Volkmann, Cynthia Whalen Nelson, Denyse Wilhelm.