I AM RHODE ISLAND: The Fabric of Our Community (April 3–28)

URI Providence Campus Arts and Culture Program
I AM RHODE ISLAND: The Fabric of Our Community Exhibit (April 3–28)
with a Gallery Night Reception April 20 from 5–9pm

The exhibit is a celebration in all media representing the diversity of our community by age, gender identity, sexuality, race and ethnicity. The exhibit includes students, community artists and area professional artists including: Astrid, Dorothy Abram, Deanna Camputaro, Russell R. Chabot, Taalibah Muhammad-Cabral, Ted DeLucia, Tamara Diaz, Felix Diclo, Rebecca Flores, Ricky Gagnan, George Garcia, Sean Harrington, JEROCK, Linda King, Iwona Lapczyk,  Charles Laflamme, Hee Bee Tse See Lee, Nixon Leger, Viongxay Luangvija, Saberah Malik, Angelo  Marinosci, Jr., Bili Mason, Munir Mohammed, Ian Mohon, Evans Molina Fernandez, Tracie Montgomery, Deborah Spears Morehead, Silaphon Nhong, Lydia Perez, Basma Samira, Christopher Thomas, Anita Trezvant, Central Falls High School Students.
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