URI Providence Campus Gallery Presents Art and Healing/Art and Health


November 6- December 8

Gallery Night Providence Reception November 16th from 5-9pm

with Singing, Flute and Drumming Circle Performances

A multimedia exhibit of healing artists – fine artists, art therapists expressive arts practitioners, and rehabilitative artists and clients - representing the use of art in health: healing, inspiring, transforming and overcoming illnesses. Whether the art is literal or not, any artwork in any form that takes the artist or the viewer from a place of pain or illness (physical or emotional) - can be an instrumental healing modality.

The exhibit includes work by the following artists: Christiane Corbat, Gloria Baker, Janice Baker, Diana Boehnert, Kathrine Carbone,  Jeannine Chartier, Lin Collette, Bill Comeau with Corita Kent, Umberto ‘Bert’ Crenca, Pam Cruze, Cynthia F. Davidson, Tamara Diaz, Ted DiLucia, Nichole Donje Allinson, Melanie Ducharme, Joanne Ficorilli, Rebecca Flores, Susan Fox, Barbara Ganim, Ricky Gagnon, Joya Granbery Hoyt, John Irwin, Annie Kennedy, Linda King, Lenka Kohoutova, Gerard A. LeDoux, Madolin Maxey, Joya Maxwell, David Clyle Morse, Linda Phelan, Carol Rodi, Barbara Rosenbaum, Sandy Salzillo, Brenda Sanner, Jennifer Stratton, Donald Talbot, Robyn Thomas, Vania Valdo, Melissa J. Weaver, Joy Williams, Rosemary Wentworth, 134 Collaborative/Family Service, Trudeau Memorial Center, United Cerebral Palsy Adaptive Arts Program: Zaida S., Nancy C. Julia S, Anna M, Angela M, Wayne R., Bill St., Kaitlin L., Cher Mc., Joe V., Rosa A., Donna K., Jeff P., Craig Mc., Jillian B, Elaine  P.,, Sharon M., Rita J., Mike H. and Dottie G.

Photos credits: "They Didn't Believe Me," mixed-media collage by Lin Collette