Upcoming Tours

Gallery Night Providence Tours are completely FREE!

Tours depart from the Regency Plaza in Downtown Providence regularly (check below for tour schedule).

Reservations are not required (unless otherwise noted). Tours will meet on the first floor lounge of One Regency Plaza.

Tours are the most immersive way to enjoy Gallery Night; but they are not the ONLY way! You can also design your very own self-guided tour with the downloadable map on this website!

Looking for a little more guidance? Download this pdf map to choose from 3 suggested self-guided routes, including “Downtown”, RIC to Federal Hill”, and “Dryden to Wickenden”.

***NEW*** Accessibility self-guided tours: these 2 routes include options to stop at 7 different galleries that are completely wheelchair accessible!

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Here are the trolley tours:

5:30 - mixed media

March Tour - 530 Mixed Media.png

Enjoy art in its many forms: abstract and conceptual paintings, black & white photography, handcrafted fine jewelry, textiles, film, and printmaking.

Experience work from artists that examine interior moments from their lives to open up conversations about happiness, sadness, love and tragedy. See unaltered, raw portraits of people going about their daily lives then behold unique fine jewelry and artisan-made clocks.  Learn how "mending" is a material intervention, metaphor, and as a call to action. 

Gallery Guide - Barbara Carpenter


A. City Hall

B. BankRI

C. Copacetic

D. RISD Museum

6:00 - Humans & Creatures

March Tour - 600 Color Humans and Creatures updated.png

Marvel at glass sculptures, ceramics/pottery, paintings, depicting the cute, the beautiful, the quirky, and the outspoken! Experience an amazing array of Thangkas or Buddhist scroll paintings while indulging in traditional soup/stew (guthuk) with dumplings. See the people of Providence through the lens of Justin Case, a local photographer, DJ and all around good guy.

Gallery Guide - Rosemary Rocchio    


A. Gallery Belleau

B. Three Wheel Studio

C. The Peaceable Kingdom

D. Dryden Gallery at Providence Picture Frame

6:30 - Women's History Month

March Tour - 630 Women's History.png

Gallery Night joins "The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history." https://womenshistorymonth.gov/about/ 

Experience the female body as monumental architecture, one of a kind freshness, brassiness, and nonpareil fun! Photographs focus on a range of issues from adolescence to aging. Be inspired by other works ranging from the scientific to the magical and mysterious, to the realistic to the abstract.

This tour will "help [you] understand that there is no one “female art” but rather that art shapes and is shaped by culture, that it conveys cultural ideas about beauty, gender, and power, and that it can be a powerful tool to question issues of race, class, and identity." - Camille Gajewski

Gallery Guide - Sally Schwartz



B. Sprout

C. RI Center for the Photographic Arts


7PM - Color Therapy

March Tour - 700 Color Therapy.png

Gallery Guide - Frank Toti
Celebrity Guide - Sherri Snyder

March is National Color Therapy Month. According to its founder, Eleyne Mari, "Color therapy is an ancient energy healing method that has been used for thousands of years to balance our physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Did you know that you have actually been practicing some form of color therapy your entire life? You choose the colors you wear, the colors you eat, your furnishings and wall colors. And whether you're conscious of it or not, all of these color choices are meant to make you feel better." 

On this tour, Artist/Psychotherapist Sherri Snyder, MA, LMHC Color will guide you through each gallery exhibit and discuss how artists use color to affect our mood in both obvious and subtle ways.  

Color Therapy ROUTE:

A. Brown University - Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice

B. Jala Studio

C. Gallery Z 

D. Gather Glass


This Month’s

Celebrity Guides

Sherri Snyder

https://www.artinspiredbystillness.com/mandalas - Sherri Snyder created Art Inspired by Stillness out of her passion for nature, meditation and yoga. Sherri has been painting watercolors professionally for 30 years exhibiting throughout New England. Since completing her year-long Kundalini Yoga Teacher training program in 2014, her artwork evolved to capture the essence of spirit, peace and gratitude through Mandalas. These Mandalas are then printed on fabric to create wall tapestries, prayer flags, tote bags and more.