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Gallery Night Providence Bus Tours are FREE, and they depart from the Regency Plaza in Downtown Providence every twenty minutes beginning at 5:30PM, with the last bus leaving at 7PM. Reservations are not required (unless otherwise noted). Tours meet in the first floor lounge of the Regency at One Regency Plaza.




Tour @ 5:30pm with Celebrity Guide Craig Bachman

The Artisan Tour

Gather Glass

J Schatz

Bank RI Gallery

David Winton Bell Gallery

(Kate Champa, Gallery Night Providence Guide)

 Delve into the world of the artist as craftsperson, with this month's celebrity guide, Craig Bachman.  

 Visit Gather Glass, where Ben Giguere blows and molds glass using techniques he learned in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Ireland and England.

 See the beautiful ceramics at J Schatz and learn how these wonder certified products are made.

 At BankRI Gallery, view the beautifully woven designs of Bonnie Schultz Platzer, who uses a palette of 100 different yarns to create depth and dimension in her detailed woven tapestries.

 Melvin Edwards is renowned for his distinctive sculptures and three-dimensional, environmental installations created from industrial steel, chain and machine parts; his work is on view at the David Winton Bell Gallery.


Tour @ 6pm with Celebrity Guide Jennifer Geaber

The Gift of Art Tour

Gallery Z

The Peaceable Kingdom

Gallery Belleau


(Anthony DiPalma, Gallery Night Providence Guide)

 Experience our famous pre-holiday “Gift of Art Tour” with our celebrity guide Jennifer Geaber, creator of RI Blogger.

 See the “Affordable Art Show” at Gallery Z, where paintings, drawings, and art of so many other mediums will be on display, chosen from the director’s own collection.

 See the collection of handmade Nativity scenes, or crèches, from all over the world, at Peaceable Kingdom, made from materials ranging from banana leaves to alabaster.   

 Looking for intense colors? You will find ethereal, fluid and translucent art objects made of hand-blown glass at Gallery Belleau.

Then, check out the selection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind artwork and jewelry at Copacetic, where Don Boehner has been proprietor for 25 years.


Tour @ 6:15pm with Celebrity Guide Eran Fraenkel

The Embellished Surface Tour  

Bannister Gallery


Anthony Tomaselli Fine Art

RISD Museum

(John Housley, Gallery Night Providence Guide)

 Explore some of the many ways artists achieve their creative expressions through the use of alternative and traditional surface techniques with Eran Fraenkel, a local artist whose work explores the distinct visual possibilities of a variety of media such as inks, pencils, texturing pastes and alcohol inks.

 Examine the encaustic paintings of Toby Sisson at the Bannister Gallery,  where she floods the eye with stark possibility, cadence, and the fluid entanglements of black, white, and grey in her show, “The Soul Of All Color”

 In the Main Gallery at AS220, the assemblages of Kyle Edward Balles are intricate and intense, while the paintings by Talyor Maroney and Suzanne Schireson are steeped in traditional rendering and realistic depiction.

 Visit Anthony Tomaselli’s studio and see how he uses paint on canvas to capture light, color and shadow chronicling a lifetime love affair with Providence, the Renaissance city and many other places he’s visited and loved.

 And then there’s  the current show at the RISD Museum, “Lines of Thought: Drawing from Michelangelo to Now From the British Museum” where you can explore the most basic building block to all art forms, the drawing.


The Health and Wellness Tour @ 6:30pm

Sprout Coworking

Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery

ArtProv Gallery

URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery

Big Nazo Lab

(Ted DiLucia, Gallery Night Providence Guide)

 Take a journey into the world of art as the inspiration for health and healing.  Gallery Night’s own, Richard Bradley, a two time cancer survivor, will share his experience of using art and creativity for coping with catastrophic illness.

 At Sprout Coworking, see mixed-media works by artists such as Ellie Brown, who explores the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in her father, and acrylic paintings by Mark Dotolo, who uses his creativity as a means of coping with Parkinson’s disease.

At Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery, a gallery that focuses on the work of New England-based artists with disabilities and mental illness, you will see how creative expression has no boundaries and  that art is quite possibly the ultimate means of communication.    

 There are two exhibits at ArtProv, the first featuring the photographic mixed-media images of Jessica Burko that strive to make sense of the dichotomy between asserting an individual’s identity with the onslaught of responsibility to others; the second, a show entitled, “It’s The Little Things,” featuring works by various artists with a maximum dimension of 12 x 12 inches.

 Works by fine artists, art therapists, expressive arts practitioners, and rehabilitative artists and clients are featured in a multi-media exhibit at the URI Providence Campus Gallery that explore the use of art in health and healing and overcoming illnesses.

 Laughter is certainly part of any healing process. Visit the BIG NAZO Lab, an international performance group of visual artists, puppet performers, and masked musicians who create hilarious, larger-than-life sized characters, environments, and spectacles.


The Contemporary Art Tour @ 7pm

Gallery Z

Chazan Gallery @ Wheeler

Providence Center for Photographic Arts

Dryden Galleries

(Cathren Housley, Gallery Night Guide)

 A contemporary art tour that will challenge the mind with new ideas.

See the “Affordable Art Show” at Gallery Z, where paintings, drawings, and art of so many other mediums will be on display, chosen from the director’s own collection.

 Sculptures of Mike Hansel contrast the relationship between utilitarian and organic forms, while paintings by Neal Walsh feature layer upon layer of old and salvaged canvas from previous paintings, torn pages from discarded books, debris from the studio floor, oil paint, graphite, ink, dry pigments, and adhesives- at the Chazan Gallery.

 Photography by Bill Clark and Mary Dondero explore aspects of light, layers, gesture and sky in an exhibit at Providence Center for Photographic Arts.

 In October, Kate Huntington marked the 25th anniversary of her portrait and life drawing classes; see her work and that of her colleagues at the Dryden Galleries as well as photographs by Brooke Hammerle.





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