Gallery Night Providence Tours are completely FREE!

Tours depart from the Regency Plaza in Downtown Providence regularly (check below for tour schedule). We will gather on the first floor lounge of One Regency Plaza.

Tours are the most immersive way to enjoy Gallery Night; but they are not the ONLY way! Looking for a little more guidance?


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OCTOBER Trolley Tours:

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5:30 Trolley Tour

Gallery Night Guide: Rosemary Rocchio

1. Providence City Hall

Teen View’s exhibition features new works that get to the heart of what young people care about today: their evolving identities; their friends, families and communities; and the politics, social inequities and precarious environment that adults have built for them.

2. Gallery Belleau

Gallery Belleau is a showcase for over 65 local and nationally known American artists and craftsmen. Visitors will find creations in glass, clay, wood, metal, jewelry, paint and more. For those who seek the unique!

3. The Lincoln School

In collaboration with The Steelyard, 15 students created a collection of their own design based upon homework, individual inspiration, and research. Each piece was hand crafted with precision and accuracy. The end results of each student endeavor equaled art as unique as the artists who created them.

4. John Nicholas Brown - CPH

The Exhibition at Brown University features over 100 hand-drawn maps of Providence created by community participants working with Toronto-based artists Gwen MacGregor and Sandra Rechico.

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6:00 Trolley Tour

Gallery Night Guide: Frank Toti

Celebrity Guide: Christopher Thomas

1. RI Center for Photographic Arts

“Journeys Onward” explores the artistic expression of veterans and their families in the context of their military experiences. Many veterans and their families want to tell their stories, but those conversations can be difficult to start. We are hosting this exhibition to provide a platform to share these conversations as an active way of supporting our troops.

2. Space Transformation Station: Big Nazo Lab

Experience the "Creature Aquarium" installation with slow motion characters and "floating" art pieces. If you arrive before the building exterior door is locked at 7pm, you are welcome to come inside and enter the "Creature Aquarium". If it's after 7pm, you can watch the performance through the windows!

3. BankRI

“Pastels and Monotypes by Regina Partridge” There’s an unusual quality to Regina Partridge’s pastel and print landscapes.  The pastoral scenes are a symphony of calm.  But there is an undercurrent of moodiness, a feeling that just outside the frame, disorder reigns.

4. URI Providence

Anxiety & Depression: Art & Healing

This exhibit features art work in all media focusing on art as healing and an expression of the impact of anxiety and depression. For some artists, the work expresses their struggle living their daily lives while experiencing anxiety and depression – trying to understand and trying to cope. For others the work is an expression of peace, joy and celebration – the happy place that allows them release.

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Special 6:30 Trolley


Gallery Night Guide: Kelly Brown

Get a tour of the Magical Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo by veteran pumpkin artist, and gallery night board member, Kelly Brown. The tour will be behind the scenes and then through the park. A seat on the trolley is a $12.00 donation to Gallery Night!

Please be at the regency by 6pm!


This is a FREE event and reservations are not required. However certain tours are extremely popular so if you would like reserve a seat, please consider making a $10 donation.

Make sure you use the hashtag #mygallerynight!

We love to see people having fun on tours, whether self guided or trolley tours!

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5:45 ACCESSIBILITY Trolley Tour

Gallery Night Guide: Barbara Barnes

1. Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice

2. David Winton Bell Gallery

3. RISD Museum

6:15 Trolley Tour

Gallery Night Guide: Barbara Carpenter

Celebrity Guide: Rebecca Leuchak

1. Copacetic Rudely Elegant Jewelry

Copacetic Rudely Elegant Jewelry opened in 1985 and carries jewelry and clocks from over 120 artists, including 30 of which are local.

2. The Lighting Gallery

Dr. Jason Hack is an emergency physician and medical toxicologist from Rhode Island who enjoys taking photographs of both beautiful living and inanimate, yet dynamic objects.

The flowers images reflect not only his attraction for overlooked fine art in the wild, but also his expertise with medicine.

3. Sprout CoWorking

Featuring artists Ashley Bald, Mary Casale, Anthony DiPalma, Eran Fraenkel, and Dr. Jason Hack. Their works invite us to engage and experience the beauty and energy of color, and the spectrum of human feelings as expressed within the context of the abstract; a world boundless, indefinite, continually uncertain.

4. Gather Glass

Experience the creative world of Gather Glass when you explore our studio. You will find beautiful handmade creations to decorate your home. Every Gallery Night we have a live glassblowing demonstration!

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6:45 Trolley Tour

Gallery Night Guide: Barbara Zdravesky

1. Chazan Gallery @ The Wheeler School

Markus Berger’s current work solidifies the very poetics of materiality, and that of re-membering and re-making. Gabriel Feld thinks of his prints as little poems without words. But more than conveying a message, they try to share a material experience, almost a tactile sensibility. Jeffrey Katz has been working on the design/decoration relationship which is often seen as a dichotomy: rational/irrational, gravitas/frivolity, intellect/intuition. Kyna Leski’s animated drawings capture the growth and interaction of a chosen field of operation.

2. Jala Studio Yoga + Art

The Yoga Paintings - by Susan Overstreet

Color is my means of expression. I paint plein air on Cape Cod and am amazed at the constantly changing kaleidoscope of color before me. Gathering my plein air studies, along with my lifelong study of the figure, my series of yoga paintings emerged.

3. Bannister Gallery @ Rhode Island College

Curated by Jenny CHEN Jiaying and Frank WANG Yefeng, Copernicus is based on Nicolaus Copernicus’s “On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres,” published under pressure before his death in 1543.

It contained a revolutionary and reflective perspective, asking people to imagine that they were not the center of the universe and uprooting the concept of geocentricism. 

4. Gallery Z

Many of Rhode Island’s well known fine artists, past and present, have chosen to pass their expertise on to students of all ages via teaching at various levels throughout the state, in public and private schools, camps, studios, and workshops. Gallery Z has chosen to honor their contributions with an exhibit of the works of RI artists who are or have been local educators of fine art.