The Lighting Gallery


The Lighting Gallery @ Tops Supply is a warm and welcoming destination with a mix of traditional, contemporary, transitional,

Mid Century Modern and of course the best resource for LED technology.

The Lighting Gallery has a knowledgeable design team who is ready to assist with any residential or commercial challenge.

On site service visits are available.

The Lighting Gallery @ Tops Supply is a longtime Rhode Island institution that is ALL ABOUT LIGHTING with a reputation to behold in the lighting industry.

Come see what everyone is talking about; trends, fresh style, unique designs, your budget. Stunning fixtures for every room.

ACCESSORIZE YOUR HOME WITH LIGHTING, because lighting is jewelry for the home.

The Lighting Gallery @ Tops Supply

120 Point Street

Providence, Rhode Island 02903


August Press Release

Light & Art: Tops feat. Larisa Martino

August 15, 2019 – September 15, 2019

August 15, 2019: 5pm – 9pm


The Lighting Gallery at Tops Supply, a long-time Rhode Island institution with a reputation that beholds itself, invite you to experience the transformation of their lighting showroom into a fabulous art gallery.

Abby, a respected interior lighting designer, recently accepted the position as manager of the lighting gallery, leading all residential and commercial projects with her highly-knowledgeable team.

As curator of the gallery, Abby’s vision is to invite clients to experience the essential, symbiotic relationship between light and artwork. Abby says, “Lighting is like jewelry for your home.”

Featured artist Larisa Martino gracefully embodies this relationship, “I paint with a jewel-toned palette: sparkling rubies, mysterious amethysts, caressing amber along with stunning emeralds and seductive sapphires.”

This gallery will be experienced by clients in many different ways. The relationship between light and art has many dimensions and layers: light and art in a symbiotic relationship, the paintings of Larisa Martino, and the lights themselves.

Featuring trend-setting designs from the house of Visual Comfort, to the hand-forged, naturally inspired pieces from Hubbardton-Forge; The Lighting Gallery at Tops Supply has visually stunning lights that are truly works of art.

The relationship between light and art transforms the way in which we experience each piece; adding depth, perception, and new ways of seeing.

“With swooshing circular motions that render the curves of a floral petal, an ocean wave or a woman’s body, I follow with pen and brush the footprints of my daydreaming…. In my work you will discover playful lines of ink, deliciously textural acrylics, peek-a-boo glitter, and unexpected pearlescent.”

Abby and Larisa invite you to The Lighting Gallery at Tops Supply to experience the relationship between light and art in this intimate and dramatic gallery.



Larisa Martino, an ethnically Russian artist who was born, raised, and educated in Central Asia (former USSR) dates her passion for art from early school age.

She graduated from the Technical University of Textile Industry (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) in 1993 with BS in Design. Larisa came to the U.S.A. in 1995.

She has 10+ years of experience working as an art consultant for an art gallery and other corporate settings while developing her artistic skills.

Larisa is primarily an easel painter. Her art style includes fantasy theme, abstracts, and fashion sketches in acrylics, inks, pencils, fabrics, and other materials to achieve different effects.

Larisa's art appeared in prestigious spaces including an international gallery in Miami in FL, a gallery in Natick, MA, and several Rhode Island galleries.

Her work graces many walls of private residences and commercial spaces: she has numerous national and international collectors.

Larisa and her family reside in the state of Rhode Island, U.S.A.