The Lighting Gallery


The Lighting Gallery @ Tops Supply is a warm and welcoming destination with a mix of traditional, contemporary, transitional,

Mid Century Modern and of course the best resource for LED technology.

The Lighting Gallery has a knowledgeable design team who is ready to assist with any residential or commercial challenge.

On site service visits are available.

The Lighting Gallery @ Tops Supply is a longtime Rhode Island institution that is ALL ABOUT LIGHTING with a reputation to behold in the lighting industry.

Come see what everyone is talking about; trends, fresh style, unique designs, your budget. Stunning fixtures for every room.

ACCESSORIZE YOUR HOME WITH LIGHTING, because lighting is jewelry for the home.

The Lighting Gallery @ Tops Supply

120 Point Street

Providence, Rhode Island 02903



September Press Release

Photographs by Dr. Jason Hack

Dr. Hack is an emergency physician and medical toxicologist from Rhode Island who enjoys taking photographs of both beautiful living and inanimate, yet dynamic objects. His unstaged, close, hand held works use only natural light—allowing the viewer to see the fleeting combination of light, breeze, background, and imperfections they would have seen if they were with the artist when the image was taken. The photographs are meant to remind us that we are surrounded by magnificence, easily appreciated, if we just take a moment to pay attention to the world that surround us and really open your eyes.