The Director's Summer Show @ RICPA

Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts


The Directors’ Summer Show: David DeMelim with guest artist John deMelim

The Exhibition will feature a selection of work from David DeMelim, Director of the RI Center for Photographic Arts with an emphasis on panoramic views of Rhode Island locations. The exhibit will present a varied collection of familiar scenes in a unique presentation including images from the streets of Providence to the Narragansett Seawall. David's work is experimental in nature, stretching conventions, crossing and recrossing the boundary between photography and printmaking.  The exhibit will include a selection of new work as well as High Contrast photography of Providence.

We will also be featuring the work of John deMelim as guest artist, he will be showing a selection of his photo based screen prints and rarely seen photography.

David DeMelim Bio:

David DeMelim is a Rhode Island based photographer exploring the intersection of art and technology. Studying photography with Bart Parker was followed by a career in print production and prepress affording early access to computer imaging systems. David is an active member of numerous local arts organizations including the Art League of RI, Newport Photo Guild and 19 on Paper. Studio practice specializes in photographing artwork for reproduction and book production. Current work explores how we process visual information and record memories.

Artist Statement:

Working both on the street and in the studio my interest is to extend the expressive range of digital image making. Much of my work seeks to capture the human experience, not by capturing a single instant, but by capturing the world as we experience it - in a continuous stream of images. In the work presented here I have made use of multiple exposures assembled in a panoramic format, to condense an event or experience into a single image. 

Working in this built panoramic format is an attempt to create an image based on how we see and experience the world. My goal is to create an image, not a series of images, that captures an event in a more complete way than a single photograph can. I am not interested in capturing the decisive moment, but in recording the flow of events that make up our daily lives. These images are, in effect single, frame movies or storyboards condensed into a single box. To view these images is to playback a memory, to experience the event as if you were there, presented with different points of view to process and explore. My interest is not in showing what something looks like, but in trying to convey the feeling or energy of what it was like to be there.