Bill Clark and Mary Dondero at PCPA

“Time Lines” by Bill Clark

“The Sky was Blue” by Mary Dondero

November 9- December 1, 2017

Opening Reception on Gallery Night on November 16th

November brings two new exhibitions to the Providence Center for Photographic Arts designed to push the boundaries of contemporary photography and expand the viewer’s horizons. The shows will run from November 9th - December 1st with an opening reception on Gallery Night, November 16th.

In the front Gallery we are featuring a Solo Show for supporting member Bill Clark, a calligrapher by day, who has assembled an exhibition titled “Time Lines” featuring photographs created with intentional camera movement.  In the Rear Gallery we will feature “The Sky was Blue” a personal project by Mary Dondero.

Bill Clark – Artist Statement:

As a photographer and calligrapher, the timeless allure of curves and lines has always fascinated me. 

In calligraphy, hand scribbled words add layers of meaning to a message or quotation.  In my photography, the compositions are more about the abstract layers created by light, time and gesture than they are about the subject in front of the camera. Here the viewer is requested to think not what a photograph is of, but rather what it is about.  To paraphrase photographer Ansel Adams – I do not just take a picture, I strive to make a picture.

This work’s aim is to create an interactive experience – for some, the photos may frame an emotional encounter, for others, a political statement. The goal is that all walk away from viewing these photographs with a better understanding of their own lens on the world.   

All images are captured “in camera,” in fractions of a second, with final adjustment in the digital darkroom.

Bill Clark - Bio:

As a photographer and a calligrapher, Clark employs the timeless beauty of curves and lines.  He combines these tools with the elements of light, time, and gesture to produce mysterious and interpretive images that tease the viewer’s imagination.

The abstract images explore the visual tension created between themes of reality and imagination, light and dark, focused and blurred, and of contrasting graphic designs and implied human forms. 

Many of the photographs have a strong musical or dance-like quality, displaying a pulse of rhythm and movement, which adds an additional layer to the work.

Clark’s work has been exhibited in area galleries and museums and is displayed in a number of private collections, and businesses across the country.

All images were captured in camera within a fraction of a second, with final adjustment in the digital darkroom. This intensity of defined movements carried out within a compressed time period, influence both the creative focus and the emotional impact of the final photograph.

After a successful career of working closely with designers, Clark keeps his studio outside of Providence, RI, where he works as a professional photographer and calligrapher. While having traveled extensively for work and pleasure, he has found that his most intriguing subjects are within a five mile radius of his home.

Mary Dondero – Artist Statement:

During one of my daily trips, the ever-changing sky inspired me to create a personal project meant to trace or imply my varying states of mind. I decided to associate skies that are overcast, dreary, bright or blue, with frames of mind and oscillating moods. My creative intention in this project is to visually express my ideas or feelings regarding the constant state of impermanence in which we live. The resulting work will be featured in "The Sky was Blue."

As it happens I spend many hours driving. This provides me with time to daydream or observe the landscape as I travel through one environment and into another at varying speeds. While driving I’ve noticed that the sky is omnipresent, unpredictable and beautiful.

My creative intention in this project is to visually express my ideas or feelings regarding the constant state of impermanence in which we live.

While pulled over to the side of the road, I used my phone to capture each of the images in this project. To give emphasis to fleeting states of being, I digitally printed the imagery on what seems to be fragile, gampi paper. Japanese gampi is tissue thin paper made from plant fibers and is considered to be a noble fiber noted for its richness and strength.

While processing this work I have intentionally saved accidental rips or printing flaws on the paper as a way of emphasizing chance. To further support or represent transitory states of being, I allow the thin tissue-like paper to crinkle or fold, I then present each image floating in a shadow box. These images are simple captures of the sky that I have selectively edited or cropped while looking through the viewfinder. By deliberately resolving all “photographic” work at the time of capture I literally have no post digital editing to accomplish other than to send the image through the printer. My intention is to create artwork that focuses on abstract images built on reductive color palettes, expressing the ephemeral.

Additional images included in this exhibit are from a previous body of work “Summer Joy, Life and Death in the Garden”. By presenting these two bodies of work in one exhibit I hope to give the viewer a glimpse at how I have focused on creating artwork relating to concepts of ephemerality for an extended period of time. Comparable to the work in “The Sky was Blue” images form my “Summer Joy” project are also meant to point out or imply our impermanence. The difference is that the images are of actual sliced and disassembled flowers portrayed in precise, crisp focus.

Mary Dondero – Bio:

Education: Mary Dondero is an interdisciplinary artist whose focus is on large-scale works-on-paper, mixed media, and photography. She earned her B.F.A. at Roger Williams University in Bristol RI, where she concentrated in Graphic Design, Printmaking and Photography. Dondero holds an M.A.T. from Rhode Island School of Design, and an M.F.A. from U-Mass Dartmouth.  

Professional Teaching: Dondero is currently a full-time tenured faculty member in the Art Department at Bridgewater State University, in Massachusetts. During her 2011 sabbatical, Mary was awarded “Artist in Resident” at Zion National Park in Utah. This resulted in a body of work titled “Perception, Time and Memory”, with one of the works now held in Zion Human History Museum, Springdale, UT as part of their permanent collection.

Exhibition: Dondero’s artwork is exhibited at Atelier Gallery in Newport RI. Her artwork is also exhibited both nationally and internationally, and is held in several collections, such as the permanent collection of Naestved International Print Studio in Denmark, Bridgewater State University, the Newport Art Museum RI, Healing Arts at RI Hospital, and the Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion in New Hampshire. 

In 2005, Dondero presented her photo-installation, ‘Dust’ at the Southeast Society of Photographic Educators Conference in Virginia. In 2016 the Newport Art Museum presented Dondero’s “Small Points in Time” as a solo exhibit. 

Related: For the past six years Dondero has served on the Board of Directors at the Bristol Art Museum, while also serving as the Curator and Chair of Exhibitions. In this capacity Dondero has established the Museum’s permanent collections policy. Dondero is also one of the founding members of Imago Foundation for the Arts in Warren, RI, where she maintains her studio.