Kalie Boyne & Justin Case @ Providence City Hall

The Gallery at Providence City Hall


"Portraits and Tributes" - drawing and photography by Kalie Boyne and Justin Case

August 16 – October 15, 2018

Kalie Boyne and Justin "Case" make work that shows love. Boyne's finely-tuned pencil, ink, and mixed media drawings are full of the subtle details she observes in her subjects. She often meets new and old friends for unstructured interviews and deep hangs before painstakingly committing their visages to paper in ways that showcase their inner beauty, power, and joy.

Case's works similarly showcase the best features of his subject: the City of Providence. He portrays the downtown's skyline, neighborhood parks, and the City's super-saturated sunsets (punctured by the Manchester Street Power Station smoke stacks) in hyper-real tones. These images become glowing tributes to the place where the artist was raised and continues to work today as a commercial photographer.