Caitlin Cali & Samantha Ng @ Providence City Hall

Providence City Hally Gallery


Touching the Veil - Prints and Illustrations by Caitlin Cali and Samantha Ng

ON VIEW: October 18, 2018 – January 14, 2019, Weekdays 8:30am – 4:30pm



Caitlin Cali and Samantha Ng explore what it means to touch, and even peer, behind the veils separating worlds. Raised in Hong Kong, Ng portrays impish demons and fiery ghosts that writhe and cascade across rice paper surfaces. These printed works are emblematic of ancient Chinese and Japanese woodblock techniques, but they also showcase the artist's western cultural influences. In one untitled print, a snarling tiger emerges from swirling clouds; in another, pitchfork-wielding devils gesture to an enormous fish. While Ng mixes symbols to explore the feeling of living in between Asian and American cultures, Cali's gauche and watercolor vignettes touch the veil between the worlds of the living in the dead. The body of work she is showing at City Hall has helped her transform the intimate experience of her mother's transition from one of struggling to confront a fearsome monster, to that of living with everyday hauntings. In "Floating with a Ghost" a figure with a face in its chest perches on a sentient cloud; the moon and sun peer down as an ethereal specter rises up through a storm of tears. Cali says that working through her personal relationship to death has been scary, but also liberating; sharing it in her work helps her remain brave and eager as she faces the world.



Caitlin Cali's work is mostly a form of personal storytelling, but she hopes that there are elements of it that are universal as well. Having lived in Providence since 2009, she has worked as a teacher, mentor, and human services provider. She enjoys drawing, making comics, painting, feeling the biggest and most thrilling emotions, and trying to understand them, often through her art.



Samantha Ng is an artist and printmaker from Hong Kong. Her recent work touches on complexities of third culture identity and cultural rootlessness. Growing up with various influences, Ng's prints reflect a globalized sense of living in between cultures. She weaves conflicting imagery and motifs together into an intricate tapestry of chaos. Ng is currently refining her practice at Rhode Island School of Design, exploring various artistic techniques through her work towards earning a BFA in printmaking.