The Ocean and Beaches @ Sprout CoWorking

Sprout Coworking Gallery


Ocean and Beaches: Artworks of  Rachel Brask, Jesenia Cruz, Eran Fraenkel, Ewa Romaszewicz and Liz Sauco

July 2- 31, 2018

The Gallery Night Providence theme of Ocean and Beaches will be celebrated at an opening reception on July 19, from 5-9pm.

Rachel Brask

Rachel Brask is a Rhode Island abstract expressionist oil-painter with impressionist tendencies. Her current work explores the sensation of looking through windows during a torrential rain, observing the texture and blurring colors distorted by the rain as it drips down a window pane. Through these “Abstracted Rainy Moments” paintings, Brask seeks to show people a fresh perspective on rainy days. Rachel is an active member of the Rhode Island art community, serving on Art League Rhode Island’s Board of Directors in addition to being an active member of the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative, Seekonk Artist Network, and East Providence Arts Council. Rachel earned a B.A. in Art from Houghton College, with concentrations in painting, graphic design and photography. When she is not working on a new painting in her studio, she is working on graphic designs for nonprofit and small business clients. She is passionate about sharing the art process with others through teaching private and public art classes, painting commissions, and exhibitions. She resides just outside Providence, RI with her husband, Peter. She enjoys drinking tea and finding any excuse to use puns and alliteration her daily life.

Jesenia Cruz

Jesenia Cruz is a student at Rhode Island College studying to be an elementary school teacher. She has received a scholarship to travel to Korea to study for the fall semester. She purchased a new camera to document her experience abroad and has been practicing using it along Rhode Island beaches.

Eran Fraenkel

Eran Fraenkel recently returned from 6 weeks in Belize counting fish as part of a study on the health of the reef and our oceans in general. This experience has influenced his recent work, as he has created a multimedia installation in the café conference room at Sprout called, “THERE IS SO MUCH MAGNIFICENCE IN THE OCEAN.”

While living in Indonesia, Eran became certified as a scuba diver and has been an avid explorer of the underwater world ever since.  Being a guest in the marine world has convinced him of the obligation all humans have to respect and to protect the earth’s most abundant and yet most endangered resource:  the oceans. Since 2008, Eran has been volunteering for marine conservation organizations as they work to preserve coral reefs and the ecosystems that depend on them. In 2018 he spent 6 weeks in Belize on a reef-protection expedition. The art in this installation reflects Eran’s support of marine conservation efforts. His goal is to make art lovers aware not only of the magnificence of the oceans and the spectacular beauty of marine life; but to raise awareness of the critical need we all share to keep the oceans alive and healthy.

PLEASE DO YOUR PART:  Avoid single-use plastics such as bags and drinking straws.  If you eat fish, make sure the fish comes from sustainable sources.  Support conservation organizations such as Oceania and others.

We only have one planet. Without the oceans, we have no planet.

Ewa Romaszewicz

Ewa Romaszewicz has lived in the United States since the age of six. She concentrated in two areas while studying at Brown University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. While at Brown, she studied and exhibited her work in Poland and in France. She went on to earn her Master of Fine Arts in painting at Indiana University where she taught Color Theory and Design as well as a chemistry laboratory course. Ewa has received several academic awards, most notably a Fulbright grant, which enabled her to pursue her painting in Switzerland. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Her work has been reviewed on the front page of the culture section of Le Nouvelliste, the principal newspaper of the Valais region of Switzerland. She is fluent in Polish, French and English.

Ewa has taught Two-Dimensional Design in the Continuing Education department at the Rhode Island School of Design. She currently teaches in the Art Department at the University of Rhode Island and in the Art Department at the Community College of Rhode Island.

Liz Sauco

Liz Sauco has developed many of her own crochet patterns. Octopi, jellyfish and seahorses are featured at Sprout. Her crochet sculptures utilize simplified forms to convey the shapes of familiar animals while evoking a sense of childlike wonder.  Rounded shapes and soft colors express a playful and fanciful perspective of these creatures that invites the viewer to see the world with a sense of whimsical delight.

The exhibition is on view through July 31; walk-in are welcome on Monday- Friday, 9am- 5pm.