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Hollie and Ashley Bald


Hollie: Artist’s Statement

Hollie is an abstract artist from Rhode Island. She is the owner and creator of Apocalyptical Decor which is currently an online store. Her creativity started as a child when she would make sculptures from horseshoes and beach findings. After a series of life altering events Hollie turned her passion for design and creating into a career. She has been a self-taught artist her whole life. Hollie’s work is very unique and eclectic, as well as being filled with emotion and passion. She has always loved interior design and has worked with well-known interior designers.

Over the last year Hollie has been designing resin coffee tables, end tables, bar tops and of course resin paintings.  She uses resin along with different acrylics, pigments, inks, oils and metallic foils. A propane torch is used to manipulate these mediums to create a stunning effect. Due to her methods, her work gives off a 3 dimensional effect. No two pieces will ever come out the same, making each work of art one of a kind.

Along with resin art Hollie also creates unique eco-friendly home decor such as, shelves, coat racks, Sea Glass Jewelry and her signature wall sculptures along with restoring vintage furniture.

Hollie’s artwork and home decor has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine and Parenting Magazine. She has worked with former HGTV’s guest interior designer Kimberly Rider. Hollie’s latest work is a modern resin poured coffee table called Sanibel. She also teaches an after school art program at Rhodes Elementary.

Hollie’s artwork and sea glass jewelry has been shown at numerous gallery events at Sprout Gallery. This summer you can catch Hollie vending with Field of Artisans at SK Town Beach Saturday, 7/14 & Saturday, 8/4 and The Village Green on Sunday, 8/19.


Ashley Bald: Artist’s Statement

Ashley Bald is a RISD art and design student majoring in Graphic Design. She has her Associates of Arts degree from Community College of Philadelphia, and is currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree at Rhode Island School of Design. Throughout her studies she has gained knowledge of fundamental design elements and an extensive understanding of the Adobe Suite. Her previous freelance client work includes, but is not limited to, logos, business cards, flyers, brochures, advertisements, t-shirt design, package design, product design, invitations and more. Fluid acrylic paintings are her hobby.