Serena Bates, Anthony DiPalma and Jean Patiky @ Sprout

Sprout Coworking Providence


Exhibition of Three Artists


Serena Bates

Anthony DiPalma

Jean Patiky


Drawings by Anthony DiPalma, watercolors by Jean Patiky and an installation of flying crows by Serena Bates.


A Mixed Media Installation by Serena Bates

Created with papier-mâché, wire, screws, wood, paint, found objects and sound

A group of crows is called a MURDER (like a gaggle of geese or a herd of cattle). These crows are flying through a portal in space and time to deliver a message. Crows are harbingers of news. They are coming from another dimension with a message of tolerance. Change is coming. Will it be good or will it be bad?

Serena Bates is a local Rhode Island sculpture form Westerly. She is typically a bronze and stone carver. This is a special instillation for Sprout.


The artwork is on view all month during business hours, M-F, 9-5, at Sprout Coworking.