September 2017: Mike Rodrigues at Sprout

Mike Rodrigues
Mike is the founder of Crit Plate BMX Products and manufactures number plates and 401MADE handcrafting custom cut & sew race wear for competition used in the Olympic action sport of BMX racing. He first designed and developed his iconic Crit Plate number plates in the Spring of 1980 at the age of 14 years old in Providence Rhode Island and 37 years later that iconic Crit Plate shape has stood the test of time and has adorned the handlebars of the best of the best in the sport of BMX racing. The month of September Sprout Coworking will be hosting a gallery installation themed “37 Years defined by a single shape... The Crit Plate Shape!”

The history of this iconic Rhode Island action sports company will be on display with its products and global achievements shown in both print, video, and displays but most Importantly the artwork associated with its almost four decades of custom number plates and dye sublimated race wear...

About the artist and founder:
Born in 1965 (Portuguese-Italian American) in Providence, Rhode Island, Mike has earned his diverse skillset of graphic design, apparel decoration, industrial design, tool making, architectural design, guerilla marketing, and business savvy from a lifetime of Influential family members, mentors and a hands on approach. His methods are both unconventional, creative, and imaginative. Mike started off as a self-taught paste-up artist in the late ‘70’s, When he started his BMX manufacturing company Crit Plate BMX Products and in the mid ‘90’s studying Computer Graphics at the RISD (Rhode Island School of Designs CE Program). Mike walked away from a faculty position with the school managing their CE Prov/Wash Mac Lab in 1997 to pursue a successful sixteen year career in the decorated apparel industry as a Master Digitizer of Embroidery, specializing in apparel embellishments using mixed media. His embroidered patchwork was both cutting edge and widely sought after throughout the East Coast and he was the go-to guy for many costumers, playhouses and movie costume designers (his work is featured in major movie productions such as Underdog (2007), Gone Baby Gone (2007), 21 (2008), Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009), Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009) and many more) During this time Mike’s patchwork craftsmanship was also used in many projects that Rhode Islands own Trinity Repertory Company would need.
Mike currently resides in Cranston RI and is a domestic violence survivor and is a newly divorced proud father and sole custodian of his three older teenage sons. Mike enjoys thrift food shopping, healthy cooking, spiritual living, and mentoring his three boys.