Joel Pomeranz @ The Peaceable Kingdom

The Peaceable Kingdom


Works on Paper by Joel Pomeranz

Joel Pomeranz was born in Providence Rhode Island in October of 1955. He lived most of his life in Rhode Island besides the 21 years he lived in South Florida where he watched his father sitting daily by his pool drawing very intensely. Joel admired his father’s creativity as well as his sisters highly recognized wild horse photography in New Mexico. From time to time Joel wondered if he had acquired any of his families artistic traits.

Joel's passion has always been deep sea fishing, he often enjoys sharing photos of his prize catches.  Perhaps the photos of his fish and the ocean surroundings inspired him and brought on some of his creativity.    

For his 62nd birthday in October Joel was given some paper and markers. The art supplies sat untouched until several months ago when it all began. He has been cleaning disasters for over 40 years as the owner of Smoke Clean Restoration Services of Massachusetts. At the end of a disastrous day, he sits with his paper and over 1000 markers and zones into exploring color, movement and spirit in his works on paper.

He tells people sometimes you have to look very closely to figure out the connections with the titles of his pieces.  As he says, "Some people may think I'm strange with what depicts in my work, but it's who I am and what's transpiring in my head at the time".

His work looks like a form of abstraction. However looking into his details coupled with his color choices, It takes on its own stance, some may wonder what goes on in his head when he creates these one of a kind pieces.

Come take a look at his work, we think this is just the beginning of something special.

The Peaceable Kingdom is located at 116 Ives Street in Providence; tele: (401) 351-3472.