Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery @ Share Space

About the Gallery

Inner Space Outsider Art Gallery is a gallery and shop that focuses on the work of New England-based artists with disabilities and mental illness. Located inside the Share Space building, the gallery provides a location to view and purchase artwork from a variety of programs, making Outsider Art more accessible to the general public.

Outsider artists have a natural ability to express themselves and communicate through their art. Because these artists are not taught in traditional art settings they are free to experiment and are not hindered by artificial constructs. The art becomes an extension of their life experiences; it comes from a much more raw and uninhibited space without being concerned by the constraints of being “normal.”

We want to celebrate the artists that exist outside the bounds of the traditional art world, and promote those who find themselves, in some ways, on the outside of society. We want to help show the public that there is great power in being an outsider.

140 Broadway
Providence, RI 02906
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