THE ART OF FASHION at Gallery Z (May 4th – June 4th, 2017)

At GALLERY Z - THE ART OF FASHION,  exhibit Thursday, May 4th through Sunday, - June 4th.  Runway Show curated by Melissa Thyden of Cosmic Unicornz & Opening Reception Thursday, May 18th, 5-9PM.   

THE ART OF FASHION! will be presented at Gallery Z in May with both a fine art exhibit exploring fashion and style AND an exciting, not-to-be-missed runway fashion show curated by designer Melissa Thyden's during May 18th's evening opening reception.   Fine art work of several female artists will be on display:  Melissa Thyden, Chrissy Bulakites, Erin O'Leary Bates, Judith Ferrara, Larisa Martino, Renee Caouette, Sabina Mollot and Richard Bradley.

The fashion show on the evening of May 18th will feature ten different looks by Cosmic Unicornz, designer Melissa Thyden's fashion line that explodes with color, space-age design, innovatively combined textures and one-of-kind styles for contemporary fun-lovingyoung women.  Hair that complements each model's presentation will be done by Maggie Bouchard, and makeup by Dazirae Reynhart.   The models will stay to mingle with visitors following the show, offering a close-up of these groundbreaking garments.

Melissa Thyden, b. 1987, is a Boston-based illustrator, painter and fashion designer who creates work full ofyouthful, colorful energy.   Melissa has taken courses atthe Boston School of Fashion Design and the Worcester Art Museum and has a BFA from UMass Dartmouth.  Her clothing line, "Cosmic Unicornz", features original dresses and skirts, hand-painted shoes, denim, silkscreened T-Shirts and handmade accessories. One of her skirts was featured in an international commercial for Mattel's Monster High Dolls.  Melissa's designs are in great demand and are inspired by 1980s' cartoons and byart nouveau and contemporary street art.  Her studio is located in Boston, Massachusetts.   Be sure to check out .

Chrissy Bulakites was born in the forest in Connecticut on June 12, 1989.   A proud Gemini who works in duality and contradiction, her art marries things that do not typically belong together - the pretty and the ugly, the light and the dark, bold color and black and white.  Her digital photography and mixed media address social issues such as body image, gender identity, race.  Chrissy has spent the lastnine years moving back and fourth between Boston, MA, and New York City, and currently resides in Boston where she earns her living with her commercial photography business.

Erin O'Leary Bates is a wildly promising photographer on the fast track to success. Following school at CDIA BU, she made owning a studio space at the age of 30 her goal, which she accomplished at age 27. Erin draws inspiration from the vintage pinup culture, believing that anyone can feel beautiful rocking such an iconic style.  


Judith Ferrara  is an artist , poet and educator who has exhibited regularly since 1999; receiving the Jacob Knight Emerging Artist award in 2000.  Her striking work is notable for its strong expressive colors and stylized shapes and patterns.  The process is integral; her ongoing search for meaning leads her to tend to work in series.   She is versatile in acrylics, oils, oil sticks, oil pastels, pastels, pencils, transfers and archival inks.  Judith's work has been in many soloexhibitions in addition to a long list of group shows, andher work is in numerous publications.

Larisa Martino  is an ethnically Russian artist born, raised and educated in Central Asia in a former part of the USSR.  She dates her passion for art from an early age attending drawing classes in after-school programs.   Growing up in a multicultural environment, she developed a fusion of art styles .  Larisa graduated from the University of Textile Industry (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) in 1993 with a BA in Design & Art.  There she was part of the costume design committee for participants in the Independence Day Celebration of Uzbekistan in 1992, and a featured designer and participant in numerous fashion shows at the University’s Fashion Theater.   Larisa came to the U.S. in 1995, working in the business world for several years while raising a young family before returning to art, her true passion.  Primarily an easel painter, she focuses on fantasy themes, illustrative ideas, and fashion sketches in acrylics, ink pen, oil pastels, color pencils, fabrics, faux finishes or a combination for different effects. Many of her pieces are representations of women - the feminine forms of emotions, moods and characters.  An accomplished muralist, her art has appeared in numerous galleries including an international gallery in Miami, FL, and graces the walls of many private residences and commercial spaces.   Larisa and her family reside in the state of Rhode Island.

Renée Caouette has lived between Boston and Paris studying fine art and art history and has traveled throughout Europe and North America researching art work from the primitive and ancient to contemporary.  Aesthetically, Renée’s work is influenced by her classical sensibilities and art historical background, developed throughout her travels and studies.  In these paintings and her continued work, she explores ubiquitous themes through the eyes of a millennial, such as identity, feminism, death, equality, and addiction, making her work not a quotidian narrative but rather a relevant and relatable story.   As a professional female artist, Renée feels the need to express the American (and really Global) zeitgeist, and the expanding Diaspora of the world.  Grounded in realism and figurative narratives, her works are highly conceptual; thoughtful with a subtle message.  Fascinated with the symbolism of the northern renaissance, the grotesque, mysticism and contemporary performance arts, Renée has fused these ideas to create a body of work uniquely her own as a representational artist in a contemporary art world.  In June 2016 she was awarded a grant by The Ringholz Foundation to fund her latest painting project, and invited to the Bakehouse Art Complex Residency Program during Miami Art Basel.   She has exhibited throughout the US and France, including Paris, New York City, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles, among others.  She was invited to join the Copley Society of Boston and the Salmagundi Club of NYC last year.  Most recently, the muralist Kent Twitchell awarded her the “Patron Award” at the Brand Art Center’s 43rd annual juried exhibition in Los Angeles, commenting that her work shows “devotion to the picture plane; she is not trying to jump on anyone’s bandwagon”, and “sincerity”, making her work valuable and unique in the art world. 

Sabina Mollot is an illustrator whose works in watercolor are fashion-inspired and often fairytale-infused.  Her illustrations have been shown in New York at the National Arts Club and at Visual AIDS benefit shows.  In New Jersey, she has shown at Proto Gallery’s Projects Studios as part of the Hoboken Art Walk, at LITM in Jersey City and regularly shows at venues curated by ArtFront Galleries, a nonprofit pop-up gallery operator based out of Newark.  This is her first time exhibiting work in Rhode Island and at Gallery Z.  

Richard Bradley - I’ve always had a fascination, as far back as I remember, with jewelry and all things sparkly.   In my teenage years I started collecting vintage costume jewelry and my natural inclination was to explore how and where such beautiful objects were made.   From working in design houses that opened in the 1930’s and 40’s I learned many of the old and lost techniques from some of the industries' “old timers”.  Today I’m a ten+-year veteran jewelry designer who enjoys inspiring others as well as exploring my own creative venues.