Climate Crisis Influencing art around the world

Text and Photo from an article here;


Artist and designer Alicja Biała used climate change statistics to shape and form six public sculptures. Titled Totemy, the nine-metre tall towers each tell a story about a different aspect of the effects of humans on the environment. 

One sculpture represents the volume of plastic produced worldwide in comparison to the amount that is recycled. Another tower compares the use of water in farming meat versus the amount used to produce vegetables. They stand in the public walkway beneath the Bałtyk tower in Poznań, Poland.

Biała worked with architect Iwo Borkowicz to produce the wooden structures and opened her workspace each weekend to host events to help share the story.

A QR code on each tower explains the data behind the visualisation, providing passersby with multiple layers of experience. The sculptures are a permanent installation.

11th July 2019