Meet Celebrity Guide Kate Wilson

My artistic vision is to express my love for what is through wonder, discovery, play, and celebration. Through the use of photography, graphic design, and ink, I create visual platforms. I capture and highlight the interplay between color, light, and space. I refine my vision for each artwork, carefully attending to the paths through which the eye and mind travel.

In my aluminum panels, the closer one looks, the more one may discover. Hidden within each artwork is a love note: wonder, hope, restore, extend, thrive... I offer these as a game of seek and find, a path to connect within oneself and my works. My mission is to raise the global psyche through my art.

My art around the state:

  1. Public Art Solo Exhibition at Block Island Airport, selected by Rhode Island State Council on the Arts. Exhibition runs July through September.

  2. World Premiere of my Ink Works at Atelier Newport, Opening reception August 5th.

Visit Kate’s website at: