Meet Celebrity Guide Angelo Marinosci, Jr.

For the past four decades, Angelo Marinosci, Jr., artist/photographer and educator, has traveled worldwide and has taught at several area colleges. Over the course of his successful career, he maintained an ambitious exhibition and lecture schedule.

Marinosci began painting early in life, and ran with a number of the “old Bohemians” of Providence, Tonnoff, Conti, DiToro, all of them eager to land art commissions.  He studied at several colleges, including the study abroad program at NYU, International Center for Photography in New York City, Rhode Island School of Design and Rhode Island College.  His attraction to photography in the late 1960’s lead him to an additional creative/professional avenue; soon he began working for several local publications and was asked to teach photography on a college level.

Marinosci has earned a number of internships, sponsorships, grants and honorarium, including a Hayes-fulbright-‘78.; “Venezia-La Fotogafia-’79.; 12 years of cooperation from Agfa Film Co.-‘83-’95;  Honda Corp. of Tokyo ’84. and INGUAT –’87, of the Government of Guatemala.

Marinosci holds several degrees in Studio Art and Art Education, Including an M.A.T. and with additional studies toward a Ph.D. and beyond. He has taught from pre-school to advanced college students. In addition to his painting, photography and teaching, he also enjoys serious involvement in acoustic music and songwriting.  He continues to perform for the public at prime listening venues and festivals. He also organizes “open jam” freestyle music sessions.

Painting since boyhood, Marinosci explains, “It is my first, and preferred language.  I have painted in a number of styles… let the instrument suit the song and vice versa…  a painter should think more like a cat, intuitively and in many directions at once, and should take risks and not be afraid to fail.   A paintings should stand on its own merit and should ask more questions than it answers, leaving you with a touch of mystery.”

“My artwork represents years of studio work and much of it was intended to bend the spectrum, tease the spirit and hopefully, engage and entertain the viewer.   As with many of my travels, some of it was conceived in Venice, Italy from both recent times and many years ago. All of the painting, except for the self-portrait, has its roots in the Italian Metaphysical School, of Surrealism, the last existing vestige of artistic and spiritual transcendentalism. They each represent a different series, exhibition or period.

My photography has mostly been about the world out there, my painting has mostly expressed my inner world, and my music has been the sum total of my philosophical glue, my religion, that holds it all together. It’s not about mixture of colors, or chord progressions or choice of lenses (that’s just nuts and bolts) …it’s about the inherent aesthetic that I hope to have “woven” throughout my life and have tried to present it in some meaningful and honest way.

A good piece of art should ask more questions than it answers. I use some of my experiences or even borrowed experiences, or lucid dreams, to feed my process. In the end I am only one small voice that I hope will be heard.  When I sing and play, I like to have small receptive audiences so that I can sing from the heart and play to my best ability… not to impress, but to share and hopefully be shared.