Meet Celebrity Guide Kevin Bruneau

Kevin Bruneau is an antiques aficionado, who has been involved professionally with antiques since 1992. Being a staple character in the east coast antiques circuit, Kevin originally owned and operated two antique stores from 1992 to 2002. He then elevated his business practice having co-owned and managed a regional auction house between 2002 and 2008. During this period of time, he had also co-owned and managed an upscale consignment shop from 2005 to 2007. After the sale of the auction house in December of 2008, Kevin returned to his 1998 roots of selling on eBay becoming the antique powerhouse known as “bkcranston.” He successfully orchestrated weekly online sales only offering the finest selection of antiques and Asian arts. In 2011, Kevin began his cross country antiquing tour having been a co-star of the hit PBS series Market Warriors.

Kevin Bruneau is on the road hundreds of miles per week, seeking out antiques and the next great find, even when he’s away from his fellow MARKET WARRIORS. He has been in the antiques business for more than two decades and is fluent in the world of buying and selling investment-quality antiques and collectibles in both brick-and-mortar shops and the online marketplace. Kevin is the proprietor of Bruneau Antiques specializing in upscale antiques and Asian arts. He says that if he could collect just one thing, he’d like to have “a great collection of articulated Japanese crabs, lobsters, and insects in silver and brass.” You may find Kevin on the road enjoying one of his other hobbies — riding his motorcycle or in one of his vintage cars (his all-time favorite collectible). Kevin lives and works in Rhode Island.

Present day, Kevin continues to travel countless miles every week all across the map pursuing antiques for his ever changing inventory continually amassing a stellar network of dealers, appraisers, and auctioneers to better serve his clientele at Bruneau and Co.