Meet Celebrity Guide Joy Williams

Joy Williams, Singer-Songwriter, Actor and Origami Specialist


Joy Williams has been part of the Rhode Island theater scene for years, acting and composing music for The Rhode Island Shakespeare Theater, Down RIght Theater and Moonlight Theater. Celtic influences are threaded through her songs and musings. After fifty years of playing flute and singing, Joy started to experiment with the guitar in 2013, writing wry comments framed in haunting melody with simple, rhythmic finger picking guitar style. Joy plays acoustic guitar in standard and open tunings, resonator guitar and the four string tenor guitar. She plays the silver transverse flute, fifes, rosewood flute, alto flute, piccolo, and the entire family of recorders.


Rumor has it that Joy is plucking out chords on her tenor banjo, mountain dulcimer and folk harp. And just to continue the obsession with wood and string, Joy is striking out tunes on a James Jones hammered dulcimer, and jigging and reeling on bodhran and bones. There's a fine line between obsession and madness - really, Joy? A hurdy-gurdy?