Meet Celebrity Guide Jen Long

JEN LONG is an artist, designer, poet and musician who lives in Providence, RI, where she plays guitar with the band SwampBirds, sings in The Assembly of Light Choir, and volunteers with Girls Rock Rhode Island. A Lake Erie born Aquarian with a mermaid’s love of water, Jen is a passionate ocean activist and founder of The Whale Guitar Project, which advocates for marine life and whale health through social media and cultural events where The Whale Guitar is played by ocean-loving guitarists.

Since July of 2018, Jen has been a 3-D Resident Artist at The Avenue Concept, working on #recyCLEANrainbow : a campaign to gather clean, colorful discarded plastic bottles and containers for artist Steven Siegel, who will use them to build a large public sculpture on Kennedy Plaza in 2019. She is delighted that this project has paired her with environmental superstar Bonnie Combs, and has created opportunities to educate community about clean recycling and to advocate for reducing our plastics footprint. Because reducing plastic use on land means less plastics will end up in the ocean where it harms marine life.

More About The Whale Guitar

The Whale Guitar is a one-of-a-kind, hand-made electric guitar inspired by and artistically portraying Herman Melville’s great tale Moby Dick (originally titled The Whale).  It’s also an instrument of change! It spreads its environmental message urging ocean care to the audiences of each of the hundreds of guitarist who have played and signed it since it was completed in 2014.  Players include J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., Nels Cline of Wilco, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth and Thalia Zedek.

The creation of The Whale Guitar exemplifies the creative community of Rhode Island. IIt was envisioned in Providence by Jen, designed by artist/musician William Schaff in Warren, and built by luthier/musician Rachel Rosenkrantz in North Kingstown.