Meet Celebrity Guide Bonnie Combs

Bonnie Combs is a passionate environmentalist who by day works as Marketing Director for Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc., and manages the non-profit’s Trash Responsibly™ program, leading community cleanup events and recycling programs throughout the 25 communities of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor.

She is currently a doing a 3D Residency with The Avenue Concept in Providence, working on a creative recycling program to collect clean colored plastics for a public art installation by internationally known artist Steven Siegel. A massive, colorful sculpture will be built on Kennedy Plaza in Providence in 2019 using recycled materials.

In her free time, she sews products that help people reduce their impact on their planet. She turns plastic seed and feed bags into reusable shopping bags, aprons, bibs and even dog jackets! She also rescues upholstery samples from going to the landfill by sewing bags and her newest creation is a reusable cutlery wrap made from fabric remnants that hold a reusable stainless steel straw, bamboo cutlery and a cloth napkin. They are now being sold in four stores in Providence.

You can follow her adventures on Facebook at Bird Brain Designs by Bonnie and on Instagram at BirdBrainBonnie.