Meet Celebrity Guide Margaret Owen

Artist Margaret Owen paints colorful still lifes and landscapes. She was born in North Carolina, received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art and now lives in Providence, Rhode Island with her husband and son. Find her work online at and locally at Studio Hop on Hope Street in Providence.

“My grandmother was a gardener. When I was a girl she would take my hand and walk through the garden with me, naming the plants and telling me what made them thrive. At home my father set aside my very own little garden plot in which I chose to grow flowers and vegetables. I also remember planting the odd fruit tree with him, plums and figs. So, from the start I loved the plant world for its color and food!

Color, shape, light, the tactile quality of the paint, all of this keeps me at the easel. I am hopelessly in love with color and fascinated by the astonishing variety of shapes that occur within any one plant’s life cycle. Because of this I am endlessly inspired by flowers and fruit. The actual paint is also a source of great pleasure for me: squeezing it out, mixing it, applying it with my brush. This shows up in my painting style, I paint directly with thick, chunky strokes.

I am also interested in perception, why I see what I see when I look. And in the fact that the way I look changes what I see when I look. The way in which light creates or obliterates. I am curious about how different representations convey different aspects of experience. And in the fact that daubs of paint on canvas can express to another human being a shared experience.

Making art helps me to feel more present and to tune into the beauty around me. For me, my paintings are endlessly engrossing puzzles of color, light, pattern and form. With a paintbrush in my hand the world becomes a more interesting place and I am able to feel my place in it.”