Meet Celebrity Guide Paul Carpentier

A RISD Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate in Film Animation studies, Paul Carpentier earned his Masters degree in Teaching also from the Rhode Island School of Design. For over 20 years, Carpentier has been professionally teaching Visual Art and Design in public schools and in museum settings across New England, most especially at the RISD Museum. He continues to energetically fulfill his role as an educator, and has been awarded various recognitions for his unique talents in both teaching and installations of design related inquiries.

Paul, and his partner, Dennis Designore, are the founders/owners of TinTown Studio in Cranston, a gallery feat Studiuring fine art and floral design. The duo have been producing creative design ventures for over 25 years, and together they bring their passions for self-expressions to TinTown Studio.

In addition to holding regular exhibitions, TinTown offers studio classes in drawing, illustration, painting and graphic design. The studio also provides consultation in interior design for home, office and studio. Visit the website: