Meet Celebrity Guide Linda Kamajian

Linda Kamajian was a latent italo-phile until about the age of twelve, where the condition became full blown, with her first public school Italian language class in Warwick, Rhode Island. Studying Italian was about more fun than anything, so she became an Italian language and literature minor at URI and had the opportunity of actually studying in Italy as a semester abroad student. This charged a lifetime of an Italian connection on one level or another, and for the past 12 years or so (part-time, now full time) she has been working on her small business, Dreamy Venice, where she imports Venetian glass jewelry and other beautiful small glassware from artisans on the island of Murano, in Venice, Italy. An advanced degree in business also helped with attempting to keep a productive workflow where and when possible.  

Dreamy Venice is currently located at 259 Atwells Avenue on Federal Hill, along with Gallery Z. Linda envisioned an Italian themed room for many years on Federal Hill and four years ago the space was developed. The identity of Federal Hill as a Little Italy is still pervasive, even after 100 years, and Dreamy Venice contributes to the authenticity of its Italian identity along with all the great food venues on "The Hill." Venetian glass still has magical properties after 800 years in production on Murano and many visitors to Providence do find their way into Dreamy Venice and are so happy to enjoy as well  Gallery Z's Italian themed art on display.

Linda is very happy to be assisting as a guide for October 18.  She worked for Gallery Night recently and is happy to be assisting its ambitious mission in Providence. Linda is most proud of her three wonderful and grown children, all of whom have traveled to Italy with her. She is waiting for a trip with three grandchildren now.