Meet Celebrity Guide Pop Icon

Pop Icon has worked in the arts for over 24 years. Starting with winning multiple scholastic awards for both Sculpture & painting in the mid 90’s he decided to attend The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley College and classes at Rhode Island School of Design, he devoted his time to running an art group known as Pop Icon & The Cocktail Club (changed to Pop Icon & The House of Icon after joining AA) and dedicated a lot of his time in the fight for DIY gallery shows, events, free speech and equality. 

Pop's primary focus is on post modern art that draws from the banal and kitschy elements of Pop Art with a major emphasis on color and fun. 

Pop most recently has garnered notoriety for his series of 8x9 paintings called Art pour le douloureusement ignorant; which consist of robots, skulls, voodoo symbols & musical instruments. 

Pop has shown in solo & group shows at The Warwick Art Museum, The Providence Art Club, Hayden Art Gallery, The Main Gallery at The Art Institute of Boston, Gallery Z, Gallery Insane, The Brooklyn Coffee Tea House, Colo Colo Gallery, Bolt Gun Gallery, The Douglas Gallery and Gallery X.  His robots first appeared and sold out to raise money for both the Trudeau Center & Sojourner House at the Rock Girls Robots event at The Roots Cultural Center in Providence, RI & at big house parties thrown at his house. Pop now is having pop up gallery shows in New England called The House Of Icon.