Meet Celebrity Guide Eran Fraenkel

Eran Fraenkel arrived in Providence in 2016 after 22 years of living and working in Macedonia, Brussels, Jakarta, and lastly Barcelona.


Eran is a self-taught painter who began making art while living in Jakarta. His visual arts are rooted in a lifelong involvement in music – Western and Middle Eastern classical, Balkan folk traditions, and Javanese gamelan. Eran responds to the world he hears, not only the world he sees. Using his musical instincts, Eran creates visual rhythm, tempo, harmony and timbre.

In Indonesia, Eran was inspired by the inescapable presence of the sea and his experiences underwater; Java’s vibrant batik traditions; and Javanese gamelan music he played. His Barcelona pieces respond to the juxtaposition of Catalan modernisme (Gaudi) and reminders of the region’s Moorish past.  Eran’s pen-and-ink work echo Islamic geometricity and calligraphy.

Eran has painted primarily on paper, using water-based media, as well as inks, pencils, and texturing pastes. Most recently, Eran has begun to explore alcohol inks, with their distinct visual possibilities.

Eran has also started to engage with new media such as glass blowing, as well as transforming some of his pen-and-ink drawings into 3-D sculptures.

Before moving to Providence, Eran exhibited in Jakarta and Barcelona. He currently serves on the Board of the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative.


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