Joanne Thorne Arnold @ Dryden

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On View in the Red Gallery

Sustained Rhythms

Paintings by Joanne Thorne Arnold


Joanne Thorne Arnold Artist Statement:

With every mark I make there is an attempt to translate nature into an abstract and distinctive vocabulary of color, shape, line and energy. There is a timelessness about nature. It outlives us all yet it shares its beauty and its decay. The landscape is a large part of my environment, especially the cycle of the seasons. Every year I experience renewal with the sustained rhythms of winter, spring, summer and autumn. I am surrounded by rolling hills, ever changing skies and tired old rivers.

There is an emphasis on color with lines creating atmosphere. The color is never flat. Like a gentle breeze, there is movement that contains a meditative quality. It is reflective and calming. It taps into memory serving as a reminder of place and time.

Light is fundamental in my approach. The glow that comes from the paintings is a unique light. I am drawn to the morning and evening light with an equal sense of awe. The constant change and cycle of the seasons fuels my palette. Color is my voice.