Paintings by Arnold, Plumridge and Eggleton @ Dryden

On View in the Red Gallery

Sustained Rhythms

Paintings by Joanne Thorne Arnold

On View in the Grand Gallery in May 2018

Uncharted: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Seascape paintings by Marianne Plumridge and Bob Eggleton

About The Artist: Bob Eggleton

Bob Eggleton is an Imaginative Realist painter and artist. He was born in 1960 in Massachusetts. At an early age he realized he wanted to make art for a living because he had a talent and knew it. Having a passion for science fiction, dinosaurs, he combined this love with his art. After attending RIC and RISD and working in a legendary art supply store called Oakes on The Hill, he finally set off doing book covers and editorial and advertising work. He became successful and has won many major awards (including 9 Hugo Awards, 12 Chesley Awards, 3 Locus Awards, A Rondo Award and a Mangled Skyscraper Award) for his work in various areas of science fiction and fantasy. His work has adorned book covers of such luminaries as HP Lovecraft, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Clive Barker, Buzz Aldrin and William Shatner.

He has a passion for landscape and seascape work, following and influenced by classic artists as JMW Turner, John Constable, John Martin, Gustave Dore, Albert Bierstadt Casper David Friedrich and Thomas Cole. This is from where his latest work found its' voice.

Over the last 21 years he has explored the world, had several books of his work published and in the last 10 years has rediscovered oil paint.

About the Artist: Marianne Plumridge

I strive to be diverse in my subjects and my thinking at all times. I have a curiosity which enables me to always be exploring new and varied ways of working and I hope this sense of wonder about things I see, translates to the viewer.

Marianne Plumridge is an Australian-born artist and writer who lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Artist/Illustrator Bob Eggleton. They share their home with over 1,000 Godzilla monster toys, and just as many dinosaurs, dragons, and other odd beasties and creature figurines. The rest of the house is occupied by books, paintings, art materials, and CDs. It is a creative atmosphere, where inspiration is never lost for long. Recently, the two artists have expanded their studio from one painting space into two. Independent painting areas have allowed the artists to reignite their creativity to new heights and new freedoms.

Marianne has been painting and creating since she can remember, but with her grandfather’s gift of oil paint and brushes and her grandmother's gift of how to use them were hers at 12, the real journey began. Spreading outward from initial fantasy themes of fairies, vampires, and dragons, Marianne moved into the realm of ‘Art of the Fantastic’, with a fine art mainstream edge. The space aspects of Marianne’s themes come from a childhood fascination with 1950's science fiction movies like War of the Worlds and Forbidden Planet and reading golden age authors Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov. The overall sentiment of each painting is nostalgia for the future.

In the last few years, Marianne has returned to her fine art roots by refining her oil painting techniques. As well as painting natural subjects, Marianne has combined birds and robots into an ongoing series of ‘technology lost in nature’ paintings that include quirky tin toy robot adventures with inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki and Eric Joyner. Her other ongoing concurrent themes of cosmic whales and pointy rocket-ship paintings still enjoy success and popular favor.

Marianne returns to the figurative works after a long hiatus with a personal journey of exploration and experimentation. Inspired by John Singer Sargent, the Orientalists and Romantics, the journey continues.