Paintings by Cathy Chin @ Dryden

Dryden Gallery Presents in the Red Gallery in April 2018

Paintings by Cathy Chin

Cathy Chin is a painter using watercolor or oil to create colorful, gestural, semi-abstract paintings of cats, flowers, landscapes and still life’s- whatever is visually appealing or striking to her in the moment. 

She is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society in Boston and an elected artist member of the Art League of Rhode Island.

Cathy grew up in upstate New York, attended RISD as a painting major and RIT in Rochester where she studied Illustration, printmaking and weaving.

She and her husband and two daughters have lived in different different states around the country, including New Hampshire, Minnesota and New York, where she has been active in arts organizations, plein-air groups, teaching watercolor and participating in gallery shows.