Narragansett Bay Paintings by Lorena Pugh @ Dryden

Dryden Galleries


In the Third Floor Grand Gallery

21 Months, 147 Miles, Lorena Pugh Paints the Bay

A world known artist, Pugh will exhibit 150 paintings of Narragansett Bay with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Save the Bay

Lorena Pugh Artist Statement:

For nearly two years I have painted aspects of Narragansett Bay. I started this project for several reasons. Being an open water swimmer, I wanted to paint waves from the perspective of being in the water. The space available at Dryden Gallery enabled me to paint life-sized waves. Additionally, I have taken an interest in doing landscape painting and thought the bay would make a great subject. I also wanted to help protect this beautiful and bountiful resource by supporting Save the Bay.

When people speak about landscapes they often refer to the painting as having a sense of place. I think it might be more accurate to say the painting has a sense of time. I learned from painting by the bay that the nature of most things is fleeting.

Each moment the tide, wind, clouds and light change. The ripples and shadows move. The color of the sky shifts. The wildlife comes and goes.

“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” -Heraclitus

I’ve come to feel these paintings are as much about moments as they are about places. I think they are a combination of what I brought to the painting in that moment and what that moment brought to me.

Realism sometimes engenders nostalgia for a place or a thing. I am hoping, instead of sentimentality, this body of work instills an appreciation for what we have here in Rhode Island today and each day