Mike Bryce and Ed Clark at the Dryden Gallery

Dryden Gallery offers two shows in March. Downstairs in the Red Gallery are the paintings of Mike Bryce, local favorite whose brightly colored pieces depict familiar Rhode Island scenes. Upstairs in the Grand Gallery are the photographs of Ed Clark, photographer for LIFE magazine in the 40s, 50s and 60s. The images are varied and include JFK, Marilyn, migrant workers and farm life.


Ed Clark (1911-2000) was a photographer who worked primarily for LIFE magazine. He started as a staff photographer for The Nashville Tennessean where in 1942 his picture of World War 1 hero Alvin York signing up for the “old men’s draft” brought attention from LIFE. His photograph of Graham Jackson playing the accordion to honor Franklin D. Roosevelt captured the grief of a nation.
Clark attended the Nuremberg Trials, was welcome in the Eisenhower and Kennedy White House, the first western photographer invited to the Soviet Union and a favorite of Hollywood stars. His iconic photographs of migrant workers, farm life and the common man earned his pictures inclusion in the MOMA show The Family of Man.
We are honored to offer this showing of his work.