Kate Huntington and Brooke Hammerle @ Dryden Galleries


INFLUENCES | The 25th Anniversary of the Workshops of Kate Huntington

September 30 -December 2, 2017

The Grand Gallery features work by 70 artists celebrating the 25th anniversary of the workshops of Kate Huntington. The Red Gallery will have the opening of Reflections, photographs by Brooke Hammerle.

Kate Huntington Statement:

It’s hard to believe, but October will mark the 25th year that I’ve been running my open portrait and life drawing classes. I started them in my Fox Point apartment basically because I needed to get back on track with my life drawing skills and at that point, there was definitely a need for this kind of thing in Providence. When the classes started to grow, I moved it to a larger studio in the old Rumford Baking Powder building in East Prov.. After developers threw everyone out, my friend Gerald Puleo graciously hosted my group for ten and a half years in his Summer Street loft until he was forced out. Almost retired the group when low and behold, the folks at the Dryden Gallery in the fabulous Providence Picture Frame took my homeless group in. It’s been a year now and we couldn’t be happier in our new spot.

I’ve met a LOT of truly great artists through the years and made tons of new friends…a perk that I wasn’t even thinking about when I decided to embark on this journey. To celebrate the 25 years, 70 of these artists will be joining me for a show hosted by the Dryden Gallery. And believe me when I tell you….there’s some seriously good work to be seen. The show opens on Sat. Sept 30th from 5-8 and runs through early December. Hope you can join us.

The Grand Gallery is considered one of the finest gallery spaces in the North East. With its wooden floors, 25’ vaulted ceilings and nearly 3500 square feet of space, it can accommodate large works, group shows, and over 200 guests.



Reflections I Photographs by Brooke Hammerle

October 19- November 25, 2017

Brooke Hammerle Statement:

My vision in photography came through a background in painting. The camera opened the door to the space of the visual world illuminated by that mysterious, mercurial, and magical “Light”. My work belongs to photography in that the image is a moment in time created by light captured through a lens. But through my experience as a painter the camera becomes a tool in re-imagining photography’s traditional elements.

In my earlier work, landscape series, “Autumn Mirror”, “Mosaic”, “Gaea”, etc. (2000-2006) the elements of points of focus and depth of field became sublimated into the more plastic elements of color space, and a balance between nature and abstraction. Through reflections in water I explore hidden worlds of multiple dimensions and spatial ambiguity between surface and reflections.

In my more recent work, “Songs of Light”, “Splash Series”, “Press to Play”, and “Heavenly Hosts”, this vision of “light” has evolved. In the “Songs of Light” (2013) and “Splash Series” (2014-15) light is less about color space than an element in its own right. Its reflections become a form of energy moving through water. Aesthetically, similarly to the landscape series, I am in search of a unity, the subtlety of shapes and patterns floating in a rhythm of their own space and time, the poetry of nature’s design.

In the “Press to Play” series (2015) light becomes a participant in the multimedia experience of the video parlor. In my intent to capture the sensation of “being there” light becomes a moving element of the sight and sound of the games machines and the dark cavernous space. Embedded in the work the introduction of anecdotes of humor of popular culture, commercialism of fantasy and escapism can be implied.

My most recent work “Heavenly Hosts” (2015-16) is a departure from the emphasis on the more formal plastic elements of my previous work. But the visual experience of light is still the source of inspiration. Sunlight passing through a window into an indoor pool created beautiful ambient light in the water and reflections on the bottom of the pool. Underwater photographs of senior swimmers are transformed in this light. Their bodies, illuminated in this radiant light recalled an image of a Renaissance painting of angels floating in a heavenly space. But the light is the agent that elevates their vulnerability into this vision of an infinite parallel universe of immortality outside space and time.