Dryden Gallery

About the Gallery

The Dryden Gallery at Providence Picture Frame stands as the city’s largest and most versatile space of its kind. It is comprised of two distinctly structured, equally appealing venues. The ground floor Red Gallery is an intimate setting ideal for showcasing individual artists, while the Grand Gallery encompasses the cavernous third floor of one of Providence’s most celebrated restored mill buildings.

Providence Picture Frame, in continuous operation since 1889, is the oldest and largest frame store in New England. Dryden Gallery manifests its commitment to support, provide common ground for, and indeed celebrate local visual artists and their peers from all points of the compass.

27 Dryden Lane
Off Branch Avenue next to Benny’s

Mon–Sat, 8:30 am–6:30 pm

March Press Release

Wild Things

Opening March 9 running through May 25 in the Grand Gallery.

Features a variety of artists, among them Mi Ok Song (whose drawing “Raining Cats and Dogs is pictured), Cathy Chin, Patricia Hanson, Lucy Stevens and others. Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture and Mixed Media all showcasing creatures other than humans. 

Opening March 21 from 6-8, running through May 11, in the Red Gallery will be the photographs of Justin Case, local photographer, DJ and all around good guy. Slice of life scenes as well as Rhode Island landmarks from s different point of view. 

33. It's Raining Cats and Dogs.JPG