September’s Celebrity Guides


Christopher Thomas

Our mission is to change "YOUR" way of thinking of our "Every Day Throwaways" To look at with a fresh eye and be inspired by what "NEW" possibilities these things can become, reused, enjoyed by all. We take just about everything that you can imagine, and turn "Disposable Use" into "Reuse". Such as; Furniture, computers, lights, clothing bottles cans, shopping bags and so much more. We then transform these items into; Recycled or Upcycled "SteamPunk or Industrial Art" Never allowing the "TRASH WE MAKE TRASH OUR PLANET"


Rebecca Leuchak

Rebecca Leuchak is an art historian, communications coach, and independent curator who has worked in museums in Philadelphia and New York City and taught at New York University, Columbia University, C.U.N.Y., Wellesley College, Connecticut College, the Rhode Island School of Design, Roger Williams University and is currently at Brown University. She loves teaching by traveling having led art study courses to Asia, Africa, and many important sites throughout Western Europe. Individuals' personal reaction to, and opinions about, the work of art - this is the place for exciting teaching and learning to happen! That dialog about the arts is her greatest interest when working with students and the general public.


Kelly “Starspangled” Brown

Hey everyone! Kelly here— Some of you have seen me, some of you haven’t! I am a board member for gallery night providence, and I run the social media!

I’m an illustrator/painter/designer, as well as the co-founder of Community X (Along with my best friend Lizz Ross) and I have been working for the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular for 5 years now! So buckle up, there’s a lot of anecdotes coming your way!