ArtProv Gallery

150 Chestnut Street, 3rd Floor
Hours: Check website for weekly hours and special events

Constructed in a converted loft space at 150 Chestnut Street, ArtProv’s intimate location features three viewing spaces that incorporate the 1907 building’s original brick walls, beamed ceilings and segmental-arched windows. The realization of a lifelong dream, ArtProv was launched by Michele Aucoin and Nick Paciorek to share their passion for art with a personal touch. They offer private, one-on-one viewings for intimate encounters with art. With frequently-changing exhibits, the view is always fresh.


Current exhibition:

“Face-Off” at ArtProv Gallery

Face-Off features the works of Nick Gebhart, Magdalena Slabosz and Judy Volkmann.

  • Nick Gebhart has always been interested in observing and converting what he sees into a two-dimensional representations. The people in his paintings are the focal point, and viewers are invited into the figures’ personal space; an invitation that seems uncomfortable, unknown or unwelcome.
  • Canadian-based Magdalena Slabosz is an oil painter who explores hedonism through portraiture. She captures people immersed in their surrounds, documenting the hedonistic practices of human beings in their most relaxed form while using dolls as a tool to reflect these practices. Each portrait explores the superficial nature of each face compared to the persona displayed in the expressions.
  • Judy Volkmann’s artwork depicts humanity, and how physical, emotional and societal influences shape us into who we are. The figures and portraits represented are often in states of being reflective, engaged, celebratory, or confrontational. When painting the figures, Judy’s aim is to capture movement, and the physical characteristics and psychological aspects of being human. A sense of place and time are purposely void; creating an atmosphere expressive of the internal and external world of being.

“The emotion-filled works by these figurative artists are incredibly powerful,” said Michele Aucoin, co-owner of ArtProv Gallery. “We hope the provocative paintings at Face-Off will challenge viewers to reflect on their understanding of human nature in today’s world.”

Additional works by several other artists will be on display during the exhibit, including Robert Brodesky, Ted DiLucia, Daniel Koterbay and V.F. Wolf.