Four Americans in Cuba @ Bannister

Bannister Gallery @ Rhode Island College


Four Americans in Cuba

November 8 – December 7, 2018

Opening Reception – Thursday, November 8th 5-8pm, Bannister Gallery

‘Four Americans in Cuba’ presents the work of four Rhode Island Photographers – David DeMelim, Eileen McCarney-Muldoon, David Pinkham, and Cindy Wilson – who first traveled to Cuba together in 2013. The group exhibition is a look beyond the romantic notions and stereotypes generally associated with Cuba, instead putting the focus on the people of Cuba, their daily life, and the human condition. By doing so, the photographers hope to spark a dialogue on the necessity of change and the resilience of the Cuban People.

The Photographers:

David DeMelim is a Rhode Island based photographer exploring the expressive possibilities of photography and digital printmaking. A collection of old cameras purchased at about the same time as he discovered an abandoned Letterpress shop in the basement of his high school led to a lifelong parallel exploration of printmaking and photography. As a prepress technician turned manager, he had a front row seat to the digital revolution sweeping both the print and photographic industries. Mastering color correction and several generations of electronic prepress systems, he made the transition to a digital darkroom easily, bringing with him his experience in screen-printing, lithography, and color separations. Techniques learned in printmaking and the darkroom are assimilated and repurposed through a computer to create a new type of photographic image. Currently he is the Managing Director and Founder of the Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts (

Eileen McCarney-Muldoon is a fine arts photographer living and working in Jamestown, RI. Her photographic style has been described as painterly, but she prefers to attribute her style to the gift that photography has given her to see the world with the eyes of an artist. She uses natural light as a means to express emotion. Eileen was a Founding Partner in Profundo Journeys and is an active photo educator, teaching locally, regionally, and internationally through Maine Media, Stabo Tours, and LightDance, to name a few. Additionally, Eileen has two books published and is working on a third.

David Pinkham is a former educator who has rediscovered photography. After years of not having access to a darkroom, digital photography has allowed him to explore an art form that provides opportunities for create expression, exploration, and travel. David describes in his own words, “Getting to where I am today as an artist has not been without some challenges. Digital photography can make almost anyone a photographer but not an artist. For the past twelve years I have enrolled in numerous classes/workshops to improve my ability to use a camera and to ‘develop’ my images. However, true artistry comes from within and not from a camera. And it has been that journey in recent years that has been both challenging and rewarding. No longer is a camera taking pictures for me. I am using the camera to take the pictures that I first feel and then see. It is about authenticity. I want to create art where the process starts in my soul and not in my head. My camera and the software applications on my computer are tools, like a paintbrush for a painter. These tools are the vehicles that help me express my vision of the world I see.”

Cindy Wilson, owner and founding Partner in Profundo Journeys, is a fine art photographer with a passion for the obsolete and forgotten. She maintains an active teaching and travel schedule, running educational photographic experiences locally and around the world. Cindy is a popular teacher at the Wickford Art Association and the South County Art Association, as well as maintaining a busy schedule of workshops and private lessons out of her North Kingstown Studio. Through Profundo Journeys, she takes travelers around the world to see and photograph in other countries.

About Bannister Gallery:


The Bannister Gallery was dedicated in November 1978 in honor of Edward Mitchell Bannister, a noted 19th-century African American artist. Bannister lived in Providence and was a founding member of the Providence Art Club.

Bannister Gallery is located in Roberts Hall and is accessible to persons with disabilities.


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Photo credits: above, Cindy Wilson, Walking into the Shadows, 2018, and below, David Pinkham, Mother and Child, 2015