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Brandon Ballengée: Ti-tânes and Other Myths of the Anthropocene

October 4 – October 26, 2018

Curated by Hyewon Yi, this solo exhibition by Brandon Ballengée, artist, biologist, environmental activist, and educator, presents a diverse body of work that expresses the artist’s concern for communities both human and non-human as they are affected by climate change and other ecological impacts of the Anthropocene. Ballengée advocates a collective creative effort by artists, scientists, and others in order to overcome the host of today’s global environmental issues.

For this exhibition, Ballengée offers four series of diverse artworks in the form of installations, photographs, and mixed media that present dynamic visual representations of species in decline and threatened with extinction. These series include A Habit of Deciding Influences: Skins (2003-2012), Malamp: The Occurrence of Deformities in Amphibians – Reliquaries (ongoing since 2001), A Season in Hell: Deadly Born Cry (2010-2012), and Ti-tânes (2012/2013).


About Bannister Gallery:


The Bannister Gallery was dedicated in November 1978 in honor of Edward Mitchell Bannister, a noted 19th-century African American artist. Bannister lived in Providence and was a founding member of the Providence Art Club.

Bannister Gallery is located in Roberts Hall and is accessible to persons with disabilities.

Free guided tours are available by appointment to groups of 10 or more. Call Victoria Gao, Gallery Director, at (401) 456- 8552 or email