Pat Patterson @ BankRI Gallery

BankRI Turks Head Gallery


Dream Visions: Paintings by Pat Patterson

October 4 through October 31, 2018

There will be a Gallery Night Providence reception on Thursday, October 18 from 5 to 8:30pm with live music by guitarist Mark Armstrong and light refreshments.


Just before painter Maurice “Pat” Patterson falls asleep, images of landscapes appear in his mind. Still awake with his eyes shut, the ideas come to him like a vision, one after another. Maybe he sees a waterfall or a particularly beautiful seascape. Or perhaps a stack of books that look remarkably like a mountainside.

Sometimes Patterson gets up and makes a quick sketch for future reference. Other times he holds the idea in his head until morning. Then off to the studio he goes to get the painting started.

A former graphic designer and art director in downtown Providence, Patterson is now enjoying his retirement years in a one-bedroom apartment in Johnston. The attractive and engaging retiree looks much younger than his 88-years. He works part time in security for a bank in East Providence to earn funds for the paints and canvases he needs to paint.

Initially, Patterson channeled his creative side into pen-and-ink drawings of urban and natural landscapes. The drawings were meticulously rendered, full of detail and design, but they didn’t quite satisfy his creative urges. About seven years ago, Patterson decided to give painting a serious go. He traded in his small Miata sports car for a larger Toyota sedan so he could more easily transport his paintings. He transformed his living room into a painting studio. And he started painting.

Patterson often paints one painting over another painting on a single canvas. Sometimes he is not satisfied with the initial painting; other times he tries to coax a work along only to transform it into something else entirely. One canvas might have three or four painting layers.

The resulting artworks have intriguing textures that suggest the landscapes themselves – rocks, soil, water, even gravel. Dark, mysterious and abstracted, the paintings take on a spiritual air, timeless and magical. Patterson is happy with the work that he is doing and proudly signs his paintings with his name and age (88).

“I feel like as long as I feel healthy and keep moving,” Patterson says. “And as long as there is beauty in the world and art to be done, then that’s what I am going to do.”

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