Photos by Rosemary Marchetta at BankRI Galleries

The exhibition, Constructed Realities: Photographs by Rosemary Marchetta, will be on view in the BankRI Turks Head Gallery from October 5 through November 1, 2017.

The gallery is located in Downtown Providence at One Turks Head Place. There will be a Gallery Night reception on October 19 from 5- 8:30 pm with live music by guitarist Mark Armstrong and light refreshments.

Exhibit hours are Monday through Wednesday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information, call 401 574-1330.


For twenty years, the sunny Spanish island of Majorca was artist Rosemary Marchetta’s home.  She raised a family, worked and made art in and around the island’s capital of Palma.  The temperate climate and natural beauty of the landscape made it an attraction for many European tourists, but the island lacked educational and career opportunities for her children.  They family relocated to the United States..

Born in Washington DC and raised just outside of Philadelphia, Marchetta was no stranger to the United States.  Settling in Boston to be near family, Marchetta started looking around for an artist community.  “I didn’t see anything too interesting in Boston,” Marchetta says, “then I saw AS220.”

Not long after she visited AS220 for the first time, Marchetta moved into one of the live/work spaces on Washington Street.  She loves the multi-faceted approach AS220 has to the idea of an arts community.  She takes full advantage of the media arts facilities, printing and framing her own work.  She draws and paints in her space and is surrounded by creative people at all times.  Despite the cold New England winters, Marchetta is happy in Providence and involved in building a stronger visual arts community.

The Providence Center for Photographic Arts, an exhibition space devoted to photography is one of Marchetta’s latest projects. Marchetta joined photographers David DeMelim, Peter Miller, Steve Szydlowski, and Tim Tolman to help run the new center located in a second floor space at 118 North Main Street.

Marchetta has a multi-disciplinary approach to making art.  She draws, paints, makes prints and collages, and takes photographs.  Sometimes she combines multiple media in a single piece.  “I use the tools or medium that seem to be right for whatever I want to get across,” Marchetta says.  She uses collage both on paper and in Photoshop.

At the BankRI Galleries, Marchetta is exhibiting photographs – imagined landscapes, combining real locations with unusual juxtapositions.

For Marchetta the idea of place is more complex than a specific location.  Palm trees may not grow in Rhode Island, but they do appear in her photographs of the National Grid power plant on Point Street.  The state house is not surrounded by water in real life, but it arises Venice-like from the waters in her photographs.  Constructing and deconstructing as she works, Marchetta is all about creating the reality she wants to see.

For additional information, call Paula Martiesian at 401-521-7634 or email at

 The BankRI Galleries are curated by Paula Martiesian, a Providence-based artist and arts advocate.