A Clothesline to the Past: Rhode Island Takes on Brazil (Featuring Artist Tiago Gualberto)

A Clothesline to the Past: Rhode Island Takes on Brazil
March 21-April 21, 2017

Featuring Artist: Tiago Gualberto

The dialogues between the United States and Brazil are intense. They involve a shared past and common challenges for the future. In this exhibit, Tiago Gualberto proposes a conversation with the community of Rhode Island through images about the possible connections and disconnects between the two countries.

Tiago Gualberto is an Afro-Brazilian contemporary artist who frequently explores the fraying of identitarian, temporal, and authorial notions in his artistic research. In this creation entitled “A Clothesline to the Past”, the artist invites the entire community of Rhode Island to participate in a collaborative artistic experiment.

By his initiative, the artist creates a visual art show made of multiple images that results from his interventions based on images received those who make up this larger American community. Unlike traditional curation, his collaboration with the larger Rhode Island community, incorporates images from visual artists and individual participants. Tiago combines the images, modifying for artistic purposes to capture the Brazil we see from the United States, and the connections between the two countries. The result of this shared process is printed and placed on large clotheslines and exhibited in the Rhode Island Council of the Arts (RISCA) Atrium Gallery at One Capitol Hill in Providence, Rhode Island.

Co-sponsored by the Brazil Initiative and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.
For more information, visit www.arts.ri.gov/community/atrium, call 401.222.6996 or email elena.patino@arts.ri.gov.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 7th.

The Atrium Gallery was developed by RISCA to exhibit the work of Rhode Island artists in the State Capitol Complex. It hosts exhibits on a rotating basis, in partnership with community artists and art organizations from across the state. The contemporary gallery frequently showcases artwork from a variety of diverse groups including Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Native American community among others.