Paris! + Friends @ AS220 Pop Up Space

In The AS220 Pop-Up Space @  233 Westminster St

Paris! + Friends!

Gallery - Vendors - Music - Workshops - Artists

In Week #2, the exhibition will feature works by Sky Blue Daze, Norrin.Radd, Spocka Summa, Pitchcanker, Jacqueline Robillard prints, WGNR, AKH Productions, Scooby Snacks, Numberonetigre, Martin Cephas, Jorgie, Mbolotin, YSanel, Warfspeed, Tor, Jossforia, Keegan, PD_VTG and Phillippe Lejeune.

Gallery Hours:

Monday, Tuesday 12pm-4pm

Friday, Saturday 5pm-9pm

For more information, imagery and updates see @parisplusfriends on Instagram.