"Head Space" @ ArtProv Gallery

ArtProv Gallery Presents “Head Space”

June 6 - July 21

Closing reception will take place on Gallery Night on 19 July from 5-9pm


ArtProv Gallery presents the exhibition, “Head Space,” a group show that dives deep into the human psyche. The show runs through July 21. Eight artists utilizing a variety of mediums to portray the human condition will be exhibiting in “Head Space:”

Wendy Brusick: A storyteller, Wendy’s curious and highly personal characters are often misunderstood or underestimated, but to those who observe carefully, have stories to tell.

Judy Volkmann: Judy’s art has focused mainly on the human figure and expressionism for over 20 years. Her figures are often in stage of being reflective, engaged, celebratory, or confrontational.

V.F. Wolf: V.F. Wolf creates mixed media, semi-abstract grotesque mask-like faces to analyze the shadow present in every society.

Ted DiLucia: Ted’s stripped-down paintings are driven by what is haunting and creepy, mysterious and gothic.

Sean James Harrington: The ambiguous biological forms in Sean’s sculptures explore the conflicts between spirit and reason.

Vincent Castaldi: For Vincent, much of his work is based in the figurative intended toward creating impressions of portraits, capturing the essence, look and beauty of the subject.

Serena Lafond: Serena aims to explore the human condition, deconstructing and reconstructing the figure.

“These works are all compelling images that will engage viewers and hopefully spark a conversation about the undercurrent of emotions beneath the subjects’ expressions,” said Michele Aucoin, gallery co-owner.

For more information, visit www.ArtProvGallery.com, call 401-641-5182 or email info@artprovidence.com.

The gallery will be open from 5-9 p.m. for Gallery Night Providence on June 21, 2018. Check the website for weekly hours and events.