June 2017: Zachary Prosser at Anthony Tomaselli

Anthony Tomaselli will be featuring the work of young painter Zachary Prosser for June’s Gallery Night. Prosser’s artist statement:

“I am a contemporary emerging artist living in Warwick, Rhode Island. I have been working in the medium of Acrylic paint and chalk pastel for two years. My journey began with very basic drawings of figures involved in dark scenarios that I created as a tool to cope with anxiety and heartache. Jean-Michel Basquiat was a huge influence to me in my first works, but through my journey I have developed techniques which helped me find my own language in the rapidly growing world of art.  Each piece I create is driven by energy, experimentation, and the emotions that I'm feeling throughout the painting.  My most recent work has taken on ideas of dream-like landscapes, celestial depictions of the universe, and visual energy.  I capture these creations by spilling various colors of paint onto my canvas and mixing it to create a marble effect. I then center my idea around one specific topic as I begin to see an image emerging from the swirls of color. The visual energy is created by letting paint drip from my pallet knife as I move around the canvas. With this spontaneity of my movement, the paint creates its own beautiful image that I then mold and shape into the idea I want to depict. My goal is to bring a unique, energetic and loud vibration to the visual art world that viewers can relate to, understand, and reflect on in their personal lives.” –Zachary Prosser