Women of Influence at The Historic Fleur de Lys Studio

Women of Influence features four women (Flavia Stevens, Kathe Kolllwitz, Sister Corina Kent, and Pat Schreiber) that have had a great impact on my artistic as well as life's journey." – Anthony Tomaselli.    

Sister Corita Kent  (November 20, 1918 to September 18, 1986)
Corita Kent was part of the Pop Art movement in the mid 1900’s.  She was passionate about peace and love, which was often part of her silkscreen and mixed media works.  She was also a dedicatedteacher and mentor.  Her zeal and spiritual drive affirmed my path as an artist and person. 

Over the years I have experimented with various mediums and subject.  Sister Corita was and still is part of my art walk.   “Corita's art was her activism, and her spiritually-informed social commentary promoted love and tolerance.” 

Käthe Kollwitz (July 8, 1867 – April 22, 1945) 
Käthe Kollwitz’s influence on my making art is profound.  Her expressionistic drawings and etchings have impacted my style and content as well as my soul.  Her passion for people and their struggle is a model for me in my life.  My spirit is challenged every time I see her work.