Anthony Tomaselli presents Painting Providence

Anthony Tomaselli presents

Painting Providence

Providence RI, what a city. Having been born in Providence, and schooled at RIC in the 70’s, I have seen many faces of this Renaissance City.  I saw and experienced the decay of the 60’s and seventies’, the moving of the rivers, the first Waterfire, the renovations, the growth of the restaurant industry, and the new construction.  I was there the night that the Outdoor Ice Rink opened. We have all experienced the new hotels, new shopping, new restaurants, and the expansion of the great colleges of Providence, and so much more.

The best part of all of this change is that it has brought back PEOPLE. And with that a new energy and excitement has returned to Providence.

Over the years I have created images of the world of Providence.  Working with oil paint, etchings, pastel, graphite and large acrylic paintings,  I continue today chasing sunlight, snow, fog and shadow.  How lucky are we to live and work in this beautiful, energized, and accessible city. Come visit my studio and experience this city through the eyes of a lifelong artist/resident.